Friday, 7 March 2014

"The Second Death" By Kayode Sadiq

Sometimes when events happen in our lives we either take responsibility or attribute these occurrences to those close enough to inflict pain in our lives. 

The Second Death is a short film made by our very own, Kayode Sadiq about how others' actions can ruin one's life forever. An orphan girl is psychologically and physically abused by her stepmother, watch how the line of destruction she orchestrated turned out.

Would you entirely blame the step-mum for the unfolding events or would you blame the girl for not exploring the wide range of options  one is usually faced with?

 Kayode Sadiq is a young Nigerian film maker who just completed his film making course at the New York Film Academy, he might just be our very own Spike Lee.

Kindly watch and post a review here....The Second Death


  1. Nice....was this really done by a Nigerian?

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