Sunday, 21 July 2013

What Personal Swag Would You Like To Add To Distinguish Your Wedding From Others?

People have been known to add a touch of style to their weddings to either make a statement or cut cost. Either way, it gets done and they distinguish themselves from others. Sometimes they make sense, other times, hilarious and even outrageous. 

As always, Oyibo people can like to go overboard and while we’re still playing local league here, Oyibo don pull cloth o! 

First ever recorded nude wedding was in Elysian Fields, California in 1942 and since then it has become very popular. It’s very easy to find locations where you can pull off this stunt like beach resorts and also the fact that there are about 270 clothes free or clothes-optional clubs in America alone. 

Low Budget?

Nudist Wedding

World's largest nude wedding in Jamaica, February 14, 2003

Coat of Many Colours?

No Comment!!!!!!!!!!!

This can only be in Nollywood

Super Ted?

I Pity This Babe, She never lose alignment?

This is one stunt i know i can pull off
Fine Geh!!!

This must be Ghana

Me Likey!!! Note the Groom's Indian styled suit

What's your ideal wedding style? How would you want to theme your wedding? Would you prefer the Wow
or Oh My Gawd Factor?  

Enjoy your Sunday......


  1. I no understand wetin that guy wan suck comot from in wife.. well, na only him sabi. just hope the wife will still be alive afterwards.

    The super Ted" lmao! evidence of smoking akwukwo oka.. nkita ara!!

  2. Am going to church in a kekenapep on my wedding day just to pull a nollywood stunt

    1. My cousin did that in warri summer 2011.. It added spice to the occasion

    2. Lol! Chika if you try am, I go pull cloth baff

    3. No. Na the guy be my cousin. He is the one that arrived in Keke

  3. The groom in lemon colored suit. Is he a staff of sweet sensation? And as for the guy in Organza purple suit, is it not bad enough that he chose that fabric but to add rose to his chest?? Eishh. Those nudists shouldn't have bothered with the bouquet of flowers as far as I'm concerned. I got married 13 years ago when aso-Ebi was all about Asoke. I simply asked my friends to wear white buba and iro but with any color of Asoke. It was really nice and all my friends were complete for two reasons: the asoebi wasn't difficult. (I know two of them who simply borrowed their mums own) secondly I was just about the first amongst my contemporaries to get married so they were thrilled

    1. Lol I didn't notice his purple rose sef. Aso Oke sure made sense then

    2. Even his best man had the rose! These guys get liver gan

  4. Lolzzz! These couples will not kill me. Which ever way they don marry! I will simply bone all the vehicles there and drive off with ma sweetheart on my power bike to the reception venue.

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  6. Loool, won't reveal mine yet maka Estelle wu onye oshi she will steal my idea. Lool.

  7. me gbadun nudist wedding o! as guest, not groom :p.......enough erection all around :p