Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Nothing Is Ever Hidden Under The Sun.......

There Are Things You Can't Hide Or Escape From No Matter How Hard You Try........

Inbox 1

Inbox 2

Facebook Wall

         And The Truth Is A Lot Of Us Are Like This.............


  1. No further comment. Tehehehehe!

  2. Chai...that guy dey Facebook true true o...see as dem finish am...

  3. E dey seweet ham!

  4. So true,may God help us all frm so much FBK lies n deceptions


  5. Forget. Na everybody dey remove cloth for night. LMAO.
    Well... maybe he's now born again. As you can see, those messages read "older messages". But Edima's ... no go be small thin oooo as her pickins no go fit suck am finish. Estelle!!! no go capture messages i sent to you long time ago put here too ooooo. Remember mesef get ur pics.

  6. Just checked the dates. Real busted. looool

  7. Funny as hell! Edima no try o! Why she sexpose the man naaaaaa...

  8. There are always 2 sides to a story. Why did Edi delete her side? Judge not this prophet and do him no harm.

  9. it can be photoshop

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