Saturday, 13 July 2013

Flying Humans- Fact Or Fiction?

My close friends are used to me cracking jokes about hanging on the barbed wire in front of their homes with my short broom, so i was quite unnerved when i stumbled on this picture yesterday with its accompanying story. 

"A “Witch” crash-landed while attempting to fly over a church somewhere in Lagos state. 
It is reported that the witch (in picture) has been fighting against the church and told the Pastor that either of them will die to see who has the greatest power.
This morning, it was shocking when a few church members that came for prayers saw the dead witch with a human hand in her mouth and a club in her hand which they use to fly at night."

Personally i'm aware  same happened in Ijesha-tedo, Lagos, last year but the "witch" was rescued from the mob and i was too scared to go watch.

Question is, how true are these stories? Based on your personal experiences, do you believe in flying humans? Are they just stories made up by people to scare us?


  1. Witches and wizards do exist and they operate with demonic spirits and powers. What I'm not too sure of is the broomstick story. That might just be a myth. I know they exist and they carry out wicked spiritual operations and oppression. Unfortunately for them, GOD pass them...

  2. This is interesting. Advanced technology. Maybe. The positronic emissions of dematonic vibrations were disturbed by the fiery vibrations from the church, such that the frequency of oscillation was altered. Thus, the little voluptuous pilot's flying machine experinced a disturbance that resulted in the malfunction of one or two jujuic engines. The crash landing is quite unfortunate. I wonder what the aviation minister has to say about this.
    And the hand sticking out of her mouth. The pilot most probably landed while screaming at the top of her lungs. My hypothesis is that she landed on someone doing a headstand or someone just standing oh his/ hands, given that she was screaming, her mouth would have to be open. Consequently, she swallowed the unfortunate "headstander", but not whole...


  3. I don't believe this at all!!!!!!!!

  4. KB...photoshop ke? Believe me, this ain't photoshop at all... If you fly at an altitude you aren't cleared to fly, your wings will be clipped...that witch was flying at the highest altitude, she should have sought permission from God like Satan did before attacking Job....hahahahahahahahha

  5. fiction, just like witches, juju, Jesus.. bla bla bla

    1. Unto you don't believe in Jesus?? #watching you with medicated specs

    2. dear ANONYMOUS

      JESUS is LORD, accept him as your personal Lord and SAVIOR.

      CALL me if you need some deliverance, i will Recommend a good man-of-GOD - for you

  6. Wicked spirits do exist and they are powerful. I have always heard about witches and seen people accused of witchcraft but I am yet to see one. The only proof we have is manifested in their works. The bible proves tho that since satan and his demons were cast down from heaven, Revelation 12: 7-12 they have been carrying out all sorts of wicked deeds, with anger knowing they have a limited time. And as for this picture, only God knows if it was photoshopped or not

  7. LMFAO @ crash landed witch. That picture is one in a South African photographer Pieter Hugo's series dedicated to the Nigerian movie industry, to recreate Nollywood myths and symbols like they were on a set.

    "Hugo asked a team of actors and assistants to recreate Nollywood myths and symbols as if they were on movie sets. The photos document thus nothing but the fiction of creating badass fiction"

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