Thursday, 2 January 2014

Random Thoughts On My Birthday......

I've been practically holding my breath for this day but unfortunately i woke up feeling stressed by a couple of people trying so hard to annoy me and also me trying  hard to avoid Nwami Ukwu's inevitable "birthday lecture".

I've officially become an "old maid" today so don't let my  face deceive you. Like you all know, such a day comes with wishes, hopes and dreams i'd love to achieve/realize in a heart beat but i know God doesn't work that way so i'm going to quickly ask that he take the wheel as soon as he deems fit.

Bearing in mind you'd be curious to know what CrunchyApple would hope for, here's a preview:

1. To be a better person in every way possible.
2. To move above where i find myself today.
3. A little patience with people's inadequacies.
4. To smile less and frown more. ( I'm hoping you all would learn to take me serious if i do)
5. Above all, i hope to hammer this year. (It's possible and i believe)

Thanks for the messages that's been pouring in and don't forget to ask for  a copy of my wishlist.

Happy 35th To Me...... ( Yeah, I Just Unmasked My Masquerade)


  1. Happy birthday dear wishing you all the best

  2. Happy Birthday to ya. Hope you have 35 birthday wishes to go with it. Enjoy yourself. Be happy.
    Sypho 1 (GMOL)

  3. Crunchy nwa m....chukwu gozie gi ooooo

  4. Happy Birthday. May all your dreams come true this year.

  5. Happy Birthday - I really do wish you the very best of life. Yea, truly, sometimes, our actions must match people's good wishes for us but equally so, fate, sometimes takes its course and toll. My prayers is that : "May fate and providence favour your positive-driven actions towards your breakthroughs and zenith place of your actualisation, IJN." Stay good and flourish. Cheers
    - Jude (NoHBians)

  6. Happy birthday my dearest dear! May God grant you all your wishes and more! I hope to help you actualize the #5 item on your wish list. Lol. Chris

  7. Only 35??? I must be a relic
    Happy birthday babes. This will be the best year of your life.
    Bia, wishlist dey separate from the above list ni? Taaaa, you be Oliver Twist?

  8. All the best dear.