Sunday, 15 December 2013

A Reply To An Open Letter With An Open Letter: By Dr. Randie Dikeukwu

Let me borrow from Pius Adesanmi, a well respected professor whom I enjoy his intellectual discourse and satiric writing, whom I listen to:

I have heard with one ear that Obasanjo after defiling the people of Nigeria has become its Arab spring, protesting alone in the middle of senility;

I also read with one eye the long epistle that is called a letter but I call a text book from former president Obasanjo to present President Jonathan.

Not that OBJ has no right to protest because he has been effectively kicked to a corner; yes he has the right.

Not that he has no right to protest because he is finding it difficult to foist on Nigeria another Jelly fish from the north in the name of Sule Lamido; he can protest to the best of his interest.

He has the right to protest, but when he turns his selfish protest and makes it colourful to look like he is speaking for the masses, then we tell him we are not deceived. He stands alone. We know him.

Obasanjo has never spoken for the masses, he did not speak for the masses. He has had a three time, four years each opportunity to turn around Nigeria, he messed those 12 years up. He finished the people, he killed them in Odi and in Zaki Ibiam, he looted with exclusive recklessness, he was a democratic dictator, plunged Nigeria into darkness and harangued his opponents into rabbit holes and unleashed the EFCC on them. 

He virtually subdued Nigeria, looted it dry and prepared for a third term. HE FAILED. Being gullible and never wanted out of power, he hurriedly foisted on us a very sick man, and another he thought to be a jelly fish as his vice. We watched, events rolled, the sick man died, the jelly fish fought his way up and became the president, then the jelly fish turned to a 'cat fish' and stung OBJ, refused to be his stooge and Obasanjo went beserk pushed by senility and the dementia accompanied with it. He forgot.

He forgot that all the things he accused Jonathan of in that letter, that he was more guilty. He had twelve years. One big symptom of senile dementia is amnesia..retrograde and antero-grade..that is forgetfulness both front and back. Obasanjo does not remember a thing.

He forgot that most Nigerian people are not in the same state of dementia and amnesia. We remember!

Now being a gullible man, he is desperate to foist on Nigerians another stooge and he makes his cry look like our cry. We understand you sir!

You see, Obasanjo's letter can be best described as "The Satan, king of hell, writing to a little sinner to repent". It is nothing but the desperation of a demented old man who's vituperation is based on frustrations of his inability to remember the past..a syndrome that has befallen Nigeria called collective amnesia; on his inability to selfishly install his jelly fish and control him from Ota or maybe from the grave.We are not deceived. We remember!

I am not in anyway trying to defend Jonathan, because even now is a bigger opportunity for him to perform and shame Obasanjo, a stronger will power should arise in him to deliver and he can do it. He will be unwise not to understand the undertone and log into it to perform. He should listen. But Obasanjo is guilty as well, more guilty.

So who is still listening to Obasanjo? Who was the president of Nigeria from 1999-2007?

*Randie Dikeukwu,is a specialist Family Physician based in Johannesburg South Africa. He is an activist, an advocate for the poor and a humanist!


  1. Is only in Nigeria that a former President will write an open letter to a sitting President... Never done anywhere in the world.. Imagine Bill Clinton or George Bush writing an open letter to President Obama.. This is pure public stunt by a shameless old man.

  2. I dey laff o...the guy finish babeee iyabo...ntoin


  3. "Senile Dementia" very apt diagnosis of Obj's current condition. Agadi n'agwo ofe.

  4. Retrograde and ante-retrogade. Very aptly put. Unfortunately, I believe Nigeria suffers from collective amnesia.

  5. Alali Pepple

    Has this to say

    Obasanjo wants Jonathan to honour their 'gentleman's agreement' yet he betrayed the one he entered into with Atiku. In the public letter he wrote to Jonathan, he talked about morality, yet he was publicly accused by his biological son Gbenga of screwing his daughter in-law (Gbenga's wife) in exchange for contracts. He condemned Jonathan's military tactics against Boko Haram yet he levelled Odi and Zakibiam. He is against GEJ's 2nd term, yet he tried unsuccessfully to bend our constitution to enable him go for a 3rd term. How hypocritical can this old man get? Anyway, I blame Jonathan for being too soft.

  6. when I read the letter, a part of it though, I felt it was a noble thing to do, considering the present situation in the country. I was more interested in the content of the letter than on the writer. I really don't care who's writing it, if what the letter contains is a true representation of the state of our nation, then let's put sentiments aside and support the clarion call for a redirection. Thank you.

  7. Imagine the former President Olusegun Obasanjo may want to apologize one day for all his actions. He would definitely compose a letter close to these one:

    Fellow Nigerians, This letter of mine is going to contain a lot of apologies. I have sinned against God and against you all. I have transgressed. I apologize. I apologize for pissing down the many opportunities you gave me to be the greatest Nigerian ever. I apologize for a lot of things. I apologize. I apologize because I had some of the rarest opportunities in public service anybody could get anywhere, which in other climes should have been a stepping stone to greater things if I was a man with an iota of humanity or decency. For you my countrymen allowed me a total of eleven years as the head of state and President of Nigeria. I apologize for being a disappointment. I apologize for being a tyrant masquerading as a democrat. I apologize for being self-centred, obnoxious, vindictive and a crude man. I apologize for all the times I sought at all cost to always impose my will on the nation, even where it was detrimental to the laws of morality, decency, common sense and of national interest. I apologize for the killing of Nigerian university students in cold blood and the invasion and razing of the home and business premises of Fela Kuti who was my number one critic as military head of state. I know now that he was never my enemy even though I treated him as my enemy and an enemy of the Nigerian state. I apologize for supporting the annulment of the election of a democratically elected president, Chief MKO Abiola and colluding with my military colleagues and setting up all sorts of anti-democratic political contraptions to negate the mandate of the people in an election widely acclaimed to be free and fair. I apologize to Jesus Christ for claiming to be born again when I came out of jail and to you my countrymen and women for playing on your intelligence that I had seen some light when my soul was still much engulfed in the spirit of darkness. I apologize for asking my soldiers to burn Odi to the ground and kill everyone in sight. I know I am a murderer and a war criminal. I apologize for asking my army to massacre more people in Choba, Igwuruta, Biogbolo and other places in the Niger-Delta. I apologize for being evil, heartless and tyrannical. I apologize to the families of the people my army massacred. I apologize to the orphans whose parents my army killed, to the widows whose husbands were killed. I apologize for everything. I apologize. I apologize for sowing the seeds that led to the Niger-Delta crisis. That transformed a non-violent struggle for justice, equity and fairness in the Niger-Delta into a full-blown war. I take responsibility for causing the crisis in the Niger-Delta today that has made heroes out of oil thieves and cultists like Asari Dokubo and other militants that the Nigerian government has to pay billions of naira to every month to keep from going back to the creeks.