Tuesday, 7 January 2014

As The New Year Unfolds..........From CrunchyApple's Desk

Knock! Knock!, Hello? Anybody here? Where did everyone go? Ok I’m embarrassed to admit I was quiet for the better part of November /December and I can’t give you a genuine reason why I didn’t blog much those months but i’m here to make amends and apologize for my………… (Fill In The Blank Space).

Part of my sins was not wishing you A Merry 2013 Christmas and a beautiful 2014. Belated they may be but here’s sending you belated Christmas wishes and I pray 2014 becomes a culmination of everything you have ever dreamed and hoped for.

 Paint By: Sypho

This is a new year, and like everyone knows, it comes with fresh resolutions, plans and strategies to surmount our individual goals. Have you made yours? Have you drawn up a litany of goals for the year and probably pasted somewhere or tucked into that little niche to remind yourself of what needs to be done? If you haven't then let this serve as a reminder to get started.

I know not everyone believes in those but it still won't hurt to try and neither will it take anything away from you. If for nothing else, let it serve as a tool to send yourself on a guilt-trip once in a while. Personally, I’m already on a trip and writing this may ease some of the guilt I feel.

I pray for a better year for everyone, our God is a God of second chances so i pray that you all get a second chance to make better decisions where mistakes were made last year. This is our year, let's make it great and don't forget to visit this page often, i promise to make it worth your while.

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Let's Get This Year Started.


  1. Happy NEw year to you, Estelle. Welcome back.

  2. So good to see you again... Missed this blog