Monday, 20 January 2014

How Would You React If Your Wife To Be Says This..........

DEAR ABBY: I'm thinking about marrying my longtime boyfriend, but I'm hesitant because he wants me to change my last name. I want to keep my maiden name as my mother did. Most of the women I look up to in my life kept their names.
My boyfriend says my wanting to keep my name tells him I am not committed. He says he'd be really hurt if I did it. I feel that retaining my name is the ultimate in female empowerment. The tradition of women changing their last name goes back to when we were treated as property and not educated. What do you think I should do? -- FEMALE FIRST, WIFE SECOND

I stumbled on the above “Dear Abby” letter and I couldn’t help but laugh out loud and wondered how a Nigerian man would react should his wife to be says this. 

Sociologists would say the decisions and choices we make are as a result of the influences of our immediate environment and interactions with others but sometimes I ask myself: To what extent can we really blame society for our actions and that of others? 

Are all the decisions you take based on external stimuli or is there that tiny neuro-genetic make up that influences your decisions? 

Do you think there's more to the above writer's decision or should we just accept her reasons? Have you ever thought of  not changing your last name after marriage? As a man, how would you react if your wife to be utters the above?


  1. Female
    it's just about choices made, if the two agrees, why not?

    i have seen a situation where the guy changes his surname to that of the girls family after marriage............

    if so much money is involved why not (thinking aloud)

    1. You mean they paid his groom-wealth? :)

  2. This is serious!!!FEMALE FIRST, WIFE SECOND!!! I'll advice her not to marry so she can live in peace

  3. Whats her fathers name ,is her father Fashola, Tinubu, Obasanjo or Obama, she never ready to marry, Will you do woman empowerment with your fathers name ????? mchewwww

  4. She no serious. Honestly. Hehehehehee
    Victor Owo

  5. Hian! On top name mata! Wetin go cum happen, if d guy say; no wahala, make she keep her name & he still treat am like "mumu"? She neva wan marry jare! Second base jare! Mmssccheew!

  6. If the kid wants empowerment, she should probably take up the role of being the "man" of the house. Her surname ain't got nothing to do with it!


  7. If na so wey dem dey do for her village, no wahala. But if she wan carry her sense think say na so wey e go be, make she ready to go village.