Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Will You Marry Me Lisa?

Women are known to have a mental pad of dos and don'ts in relationships and how they expect to be wooed. Over time, this trend has been blamed on fictional romance novels women read which most times men feel are unrealistic.

Are these expectations truly unrealistic? Can't they be executed with finesse? Read Lisa's Story:

"It was a Sunday like any other one. I wake up with a happy spirit and got ready for service. My cheek twitched and a carefree smile crossed my face, my preparations were interrupted by my Boo’s ring tone. His voice is a soothing drug any day anytime so once it hit my earlobes and flowed slowly into my ear canal hitting the drums there in, it played a slow soft love beat. He just called to see how I was doing and wish me the best day ever. i was how ever looking forward to tonight. My family and I were going to be having dinner and we settled on Chinese.
That evening Mom and Sis picked me up right on time and it was straight to Eastern Garden Chinese Restaurant somewhere in Port Harcourt. We took our seats and orders and shortly after the waiter brought us some refreshments. I noticed that my sister was really restless, lol, she just kept visiting the lady’s room and my Mom just kept smiling. My cheek twitched again. It was that song again ( I think I wanna Marry You by Bruno Mars) and I smiled as I told my Mom, “that is Celestine’s ring tone Mom,”… “Eh? What did you say?” She responded, so I repeated myself. And we both smiled. 
I love romantic moments, (I thought to myself) and this would have been perfect if Cel were here, but wait o… Why is there a camera man here? And why is he just focusing on me? Why is everyone watching us and why is my mother laughing? Wait a minute what is happening here? As I turned around I saw the most limb weakening, heart melting sight ever. "  Click Here To Finish The Story

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  1. Nice!!!
    I grew up with her.. We all knew her as Nwamaka and she's a twin. Here's wishing her marital bliss in advance...

    1. Me go just look the babe for traffic, ask am "Baby m (in thick Igbo trader accent), u gree or u no gree?

    2. Ejima, She was one of Ik's childhood runs... Lol (Can't calculate the quantity of sweets and chewing gums she obtained from him)

  2. Awwww!Another lovely idea...I'll just add this to my initial idea and see how it pans out when I pop the question.