Monday, 7 October 2013

Read & Vote: Regurgitation By Uwakwe Ngozi Eke

Etisalat Nigeria has been running a  flash fiction competition where writers are expected to engage the online reading community through 300 word stories. Do you love writing? maybe it's time to take it a step further by letting the world read you. Mail: to know when the next competition will commence.

Featuring today is Regurgitation By Uwakwe Ngozi Eke:
"I feel a close affinity to Zimuzor as her chest, against mine, heaves. We had lived out similar life-roles; repulsive, from childhood through adolescence, till now. I understand the tears that flow from her when her stories slows. It is convenient for me to wrap her in my arms and just listen because I wear her shoes. I wonder for how long she has fought herself until she breaks the
 silence, today. Those conflicting emotions, to speak or not to speak, I had gone through too until I choose not to speak believing that one day, I would die then I and all my steaming hurt would be buried in a grave called archive.
Until Zimuzor. 31st August, 2012.
Lagos hadn’t seen rain in a couple of weeks until today. Suddenly, black clouds gather like a malign blanket and everybody scrambles, scampering for shelter. It does not drizzle first; heavy rain drops just fall, grateful for their release from claustrophobia.
She is not mad, I can tell, maybe lost. Time seems to have stopped somewhere in her world. She let the rains drench her. Deafening thunder, sparks of lightening, more rains. She does not notice.
I abandon my cocoon. “Sister, sister!” The rains slap hard against my face.
“Sister,” She stops. “Is everything alright?”
“My father has had sex with me till I ran away.” The rains wash off tears before they reach her cheeks. Her eyes, red, betray a bleeding heart. “I just want to die.” She sniffs.
Then, it returns to me, like regurgitation – the horrors within the dark walls, the thrusts, the grunts, the scum, the threats…the sworn silence. I cuddle her as she narrates monologues of the life I have lived, closing vacuums where she chokes and when the rains sieve some words away".

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  1. Yipeee Crunchy's got a new face. I hope this is fictional, because it's crazy. The first time should have been the last if she knew how incest that act was. God save our own

    1. Shouldn't happen in the first place. How many people are able to put up a strong fight when being molested? More or less a psychological rape

  2. Read this about this competition Crunchy....writer/blogger is also on CC

    1. Just read her piece, Its between her and Etisalat. Each to her own

    2. Chikezie, just read the piece without bias.

    3. Ok Crunchy.......Thank you oh anonymous one......unveil thyself oh lagbajarized one :)

  3. Daniel. It happens everyday. I have worked in an NGO where we see and hear all sorts and most times the victims are threatened not to tell anyone. So they kep quiet about it and sexual abuse strives in silence. May it not happen to one of our own.