Sunday, 18 August 2013

Crunchy’s What To Wear: Featuring "My Wallet, My Style"

I‘m always fascinated when I see women who have the gift of not just mix-matching colours but also know how to combine clothes. For once, I’m going to admit that I’m more of a jean, shirt ,pants person and don’t forget my flats and trainers. My cousin Nneka is always embarrassed when I ‘bounce’ out in my jean and trainers lol! and she just can’t imagine how someone as OLD as I am can’t just make the effort and dress up, so I’ll say it now, I’m way too tomboyish than I’d care to admit so abeg make una free me.

My Long Suffering Companion

In as much as I don’t do a lot of dress up, I do follow fashion trends and I enjoy seeing beautiful things and just to prove it, for a while now, I’ve been following a fashion blog, which I feel is unique, what makes it so? The name alone should reveal why I think it’s different. It’s called MyWallet, MyStyle which  means you can actually wear fabulous clothes without breaking the bank. This blog doesn’t  just cover clothes, you also get tips on make up, perfumes, travel and even food, full package!

So here’s introducing My Wallet, My Style, this blog is owned by a beautiful lady you’d be pleased to know and she showcases her personal styles and believe me I’m learning , I hope you can pick one or two things as well, you never can tell when they’ll come in handy.

Here are a couple of pics I culled from her blog, Enjoy and have a beautiful Sunday.

Elegant, Yes?

Imagine You Looking This Way?? Better Still Imagine Crunchy Looking This Way lol!

Perfume Tips Too


  1. Hmmm.....guys will drool with desire and hunger if u were in those clothes in the second picture!! ;)

  2. or better yet, if we were taking those clothes from second pix off you ;)