Saturday, 17 August 2013

Live On CCTV: Family of 5 Shoplifts In An Abuja Boutique

Ok here’s the deal, a family of 5 strolls into El Boogie Boutique, Wuse 2, Abuja on the 20th of July. We have 2 guys, one’s carrying a baby, a woman (the big one) and a boy. All strolling around looking through the merchandise. I have 3 video clips here, all from different vantage points.

See the boy with the big bag dancing all over the store? Seems he’s what western movies would call the drop. Carrying the loot because they sure didn’t buy anything but by the time they left, Tops, Phones and Shoes were missing.

I know the video clip isn’t clear but please look well, are they your neighbors, friends or acquaintances? They may even be that your distant relatives in Abuja, Look their clothes well too o!

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  1. Am shocked!!! Dis world is full of deception. May God keep n preserve us