Saturday, 8 June 2013

Life As A Woman- A Female Perspective

I noticed the dictionary and Wikipedia has no clear cut definition of who a woman is. Wikipedia calls her “a female human irrespective of age” while the oxford dictionary calls her “an adult female, a female worker or employee, a wife, girlfriend or lover”. If these two major sources of knowledge cannot explicitly tell us who a woman is, then I wonder who can ? Can you try? How best can you define and describe a woman without relying on societal misconceptions?


Men have varied impressions about women and so do women amongst themselves. So I need you to sit back and think through these questions and share with me what you came up with.

  1. Who is a woman?
  2. How best can you describe a woman?
  3. Describe yourself as a woman
  4. How do you feel living as a woman?
  5. What societal expectations do you think you’re faced with?
  6. What are the pros and cons of being a woman (What do you like about being a woman and what don’t you like about it?

Note:  men can answer the first question but for the rest? Read and learn………


  1. A woman is (supposed to be) the spice of life.

    1. Spice? Meaning added flavour? Without us life would be a drag??

    2. Who is a woman, you ask?
      -A Salute and a Tribute to the Women of yesterday, today and tomorrow-

      A woman. 
      Who is she, you ask? 

      She tirelessly works outside in the sun
      Weeping silent tears of sweat
      Typing endlessly at work
      Hiding those pulling nerves
      Changing diapers, filling bottles
      Camouflaging every bleeding wound
      Standing up to those goons who attacked little brother
      And managing funds of the family
      Rocking the baby gently on her lap
      Making all ends meet

      Yet, a woman
      Who is she, you ask?

      He pinched her and beat her
      Yet she remained strong
      He would come home drunk and throw his weight around
      She picks up the dirty clothes and washes away the stains

      Yet, a woman
      Who is she, you ask?

      She was abused in the buses
      And denied equal wages
      Truth be told, she never had a voice
      She was caged in a melancholic room
      Where things were not as they seemed
      No one to trust, everyone was eager
      To eat a piece of her and devour one by one
      She withstood all of this
      Years came by and passed along

      And yet, a woman
      Who is she, you ask?

      But now she will be
      Strong and powerful
      Fearless and faithful 
      Achieving and daring
      She'll overcome those hurdles
      And throw away inhibitions
      Putting herself first, she will be a star
      Karate and Self Defense
      Pepper Spray and Kicks
      She'll show you what she's really made of

      And then
      A woman, Who is she you ask?
      You know the answer now

      She is a woman. 
      A woman of substance. 

      A woman, the epitome of strength and power is harassed and troubled by the society and always has been. She has been treated like a second class citizen, like she doesn't belong. Men would behave as if they owned her, and others toyed around with her. And yet, will all these laws, she still goes through a daily fight and struggle to achieve freedom, a sense of independence is all she longs for. Why can't she walk around in the streets at night fearlessly? Why can't she travel in a bus without being pinched? Why?

    3. That's Heavy Deazy!!!! Really sums it up

  2. A woman from my point of view is that the opposite gender who makes a man complete. We as men are incomplete human beings and if we can accept this and live it out, the world will surely be much better. The woamn is to be by the side of the man to help him. Women are those who help us complete ourselves and thus our work.


  3. It pains me to read the crimes committed against a woman every day in the papers. A woman raped goes to file a case and the police rapes her? What does that mean? A woman domestically abused can't shout for help? Women forced into prostitution because there are plenty men there waiting to goble her up? A woman picked up from the streets, not out of pity, but out of hunger for sex?

    Isn't this unforgivable?

    So many people out there get raped every minute, so many people get burnt, and that is not the least of our worries. Babies are being killed, only because they are girls and acid is being thrown on woman only because they refuse to get into a relationship with someone. Is this even fair? I think all said and done, a woman has not been empowered even today. She can't say she's free. Because she truly isn't.

    If it was in my hands, I'd definitely want men to see what women go through. To literally breathe and live like a woman for one day and I'm sure they wouldn't be able to take it. The amount she struggles, all the problems she goes through and the pains she overcomes is something that no one but a woman can go through.

    I really wish that soon there will be a day when we can walk about without a speck of care about that man who's having dirty thoughts about us. Without worrying who's planning to pinch our butt in the bus. When a woman does not have to be the only one trying to make both ends meet. When she doesn't have to take all the burden on her shoulder. Let the man be pregnant once too, and understand what it is to go through and why he should use a condom next time, because abortion is not easy. Let the world see what it is to be a woman. Because if they really knew, they wouldn't be the same. They'd respect her and treat her differently.

    So the next time your girlfriend says her stomach hurts and she can't talk, dont get angry, but tell her to sleep and take rest. The next time your wife has a headache after a long day of work, give her a massage. The next time your mother complains of fever, cook food for her. The next time you see a woman in the bus, respect her, don't touch her in the wrong places. The next time your friend says she was harassed, believe her and help her with it. Because you never know what she's going through.

    Be a woman for a day, that's all it takes.

    And all we can do, is wish for such a day, because whether it truly will happen or not is a mystery.

    A salute to every woman out there. Respect to you because you are a woman, and you know what it is.

  4. A woman is the pride of life, a woman is the help mate to a man, a woman is the role model.

    I am the pillar of my home and the backbone of my husband without which there is no him.

    In Nigeria, am faced with being one of the wealthiest and most influential.

    I love being a woman, bt I would love for men to be woman for just 2days then that will make me he happiest woman.
    I feel like a superman as a woman because I can do all is my attitude.