Sunday, 9 June 2013

How Safe Are You On Facebook?

I saw a post on facebook days ago about how people add their personal details on facebook like phone numbers and email, I had to engage the originator of the post in a discussion though I already knew what he was trying to say.

Most times when I see women do this, first question that comes to mind is “what are they selling”? And when I see men who do same I wonder their motive as well, “ do they have anything saleable as well”? I can’t avoid the fact that most times, we tend to supply this piece of information unknowingly, like when we get phone number requests from friends on facebook, meaning they want to add your number to their online phonebook so they can call you up with ease. what we may not realize is that immediately you do that, it automatically updates your facebook info page. It has happened to me so I know how it works, so kindly do yourself a favour and decline whenever you get such requests.

Also, giving too much information on your bio data section is a no-no, and it’s really not necessary and no one will give you an award for filling up the info section but rather you’re giving people enough information to use against you.

Linsey Attridge

Let me give you an example, not long ago, Linsey Attridge aged 31 lived in Aberdeen and had been in an 18 months relationship with Nick Smith, at some point their relationship got rocky and fearing they would eventually break up, she concocted a lie about a break in and an eventual rape by 2 men who she had browsed their profiles on facebook and picked randomly all in a bid to garner sympathy from her boyfriend, now I don’t know the criteria she used in picking these men but I believe it was based on some information these men had given on facebook. In summary, these men were later let off the hook because there was no forensic evidence to tie them to the alleged crime and Linsey was later charged to court. 

Nick Smith

I know these men were lucky but question is,  how lucky do you think you’ll be if it ever happened to you? So you can understand and appreciate the phrase “Less is More”, in this case, the less information you give, the more protection you give yourself. Think about it, check your facebook profiles and do the needful because right now, it’s not just about people like Linsey but also about identity thieves which has been on the increase on facebook lately.

Here’s wishing you a lovely Sunday and don’t forget to keep the Sabbath day holy, No Hanky Panky.



  1. I support you on this one. It can really be exposing.

  2. Good you brought this FB issue up...there's no more privacy, everything you post is being monitored, law enforcement agencies are sieving throuh for anything remotely connected to crime...

  3. Thank you so much! This has enlightening.

  4. Afam B. C. Nnaji09 June, 2013 14:15

    Email addresses and phone numbers cannot be private information that could be considered too private when facebook demands the 2 for verification and/or authentication.

    I have asked people to point out the type of information that could be considered too private and I am yet to get any answer.

    1. Definitely not limited to the two, that's why I pointed out evaluating your info page properly

  5. I recall phone numbers and addresses were listed in the public domain call yellow pages, in the 80s and 90s

  6. Ofcourse you're right but you have to realise that criminals these days are more daring and devious.Also you can't compare the yellow pages where you just have digits and addresses with facebook where you have not just one's full details but also pictures detailing your activities and one can even identify you too

  7. Hmm! Caution is the word