Sunday, 23 June 2013

Is Stella Damasus Preggie?

Just heard the usual "kepu-kepu" (rumour) that nollywood actress, Stella Damasus is pregnant for her movie director beau,Daniel Ademinokan.  Heard she's almost 4 months gone and  intends giving birth in the US. Another reason she may be staying back is to avoid Daniel's estranged wife, Doris Simeon.

Daniel had earlier left his former wife,Doris  over sex related issues.

Like i said, its a rumour and i'm going to see it as such until i see a picture of Stella in a sexy maternity gown, if any picture surfaces please hook me up.



  1. Phil Mario Ikenna Amakwe23 June, 2013 02:10

    I comment my reserve on this matter!

  2. My dear anything is possible oh!I'll wait and see her in her sexy maternity gown before I say something

  3. You should be the one telling us na. Anyway, i need to ask Google, better still, consult the oracle. If she is, good for her, but not without a P from her former in-laws.

  4. Na wa oh...
    First I heard she got married secretly and while I'm yet to get confirmation on that I hear she's pregnant!
    Anyways it's a matter of months and the truth would come out