Thursday, 20 June 2013

When Money Becomes The Deciding Factor

Throughout generations, women were assigned the role of home care while the men were regarded as providers, men were expected to go out and forage for subsistence. Based on this, men were given better access to education and ultimately better jobs but with the coming of enlightenment, women are being given ample opportunity to make up for lost grounds. This occurrence has created a situation where men no longer believe they should bear the full cost of day to day expenses thereby allowing women to bear some cost; this line of dependence however varies amongst cultures depending on which gender has better access to opportunities.

I've heard that even within Nigerian tribes, women are more hardworking and financially comfortable than their male folk and in such places, a middle ground has been created, gender roles as we know it have become mainstreamed considerably, it's no longer a case of men taking financial responsibility for the home, women have been boxed into this role as well and are expected to meet men half way on the bargaining table.

Dependence on women have become so glaring that these days majority of our young men would have nothing to do with a woman without any form of income, do we chalk this up to the current economic situation or do we blame it on  weak morals on the men’s part? Personally, I’m all for helping my man financially because if he’s comfortable and happy then it sure would rub off on me.

These days women are earning well, and in some cases better than the men, so  to what extent should we expect men to rely on their women financially? Is it morally right for the men to insist on getting help from the women?


  1. Shuoooo!!! Nobody wants to comment?

    1. waiting for your own comment o!

    2. Lol! I wonder what you want Mercedes to say.

  2. Women should help their's a the saying goes,'a good captain goes down with his ship'. So what kinda captain are u woman?

  3. it's not a matter of dependence on women, but the truth is this, no man wants to marry a woman without a good job and vice versa. To me, i see no wrong in men asking women for help, especially when they are married, as long as it is justifiable.

  4. If the woman doesn't want the man to ask for help, then the woman should not ask for help.