Monday, 10 June 2013

Dealing With Mondays

I remember when I used to wake up Monday mornings feeling murderous, if anyone had given me a knife that very moment, I would have gladly stabbed my boss because he was the only stumbling block preventing me from continuing my sleep. But alas, who born monkey not to dress up and trudge to work? Especially when there’s a mountain of bills to be paid for, that’s the reason we all go to work right? If you like deny this fact but the truth remains that very few people would work without remuneration. 

Everyone loves the idea of being on holiday 24/7 without recourse to work so long as there’s money somewhere, forget all that gra-gra about career. I have heard people who cringe at the idea of facing work on Monday are not happy in their jobs, I don’t know how true that is, maybe that’s for social researchers to work on, if it’s true then it means you can truly know if you’re happy based on how you feel every Monday morning, that would be a guide to re-evaluating what really makes you happy and work towards finding what you can do within that area.

In the meantime, here are a few tips to help ensure a stress free Monday.

  1.    Do not carryover work from Friday, that’s an added pressure so ensure you clear your desk on Friday because you can’t even enjoy your weekend knowing there’s a mountain of work to be done on Monday.
  2. When you wake up on Monday, set your favourite songs on auto repeat while you get ready for work, if you’re playing them from your phone then invest in small speakers that you can plug directly to your phone, I have tiny, sexy Havit speakers  and they are as loud as the real deal. Personally I usually play songs by Sir Warrior and the Oriental Brothers. I know you'll call me razz but the idea is to pick tracks that can help energize you.
  3. Get to work early; you don’t need the added pressure of lateness and having to explain yourself to your superior.
  4. Most companies start the day with a meeting so try and take a mug of coffee or tea before the meeting starts to help calm your nerves.
  5. Map out a timetable for all tasks and ensure you finish each task within its time frame.
  6. Don’t forget lunch, it will help you unwind.
  7. After lunch,it should be easy from here because 5pm isn’t far and the thought of closing for the day is enough to put anyone in a work frenzy so that the clock can run as fast as possible.
  8. While you’re at it, make sure you smile and act like you’re not under pressure, its called putting sh*t aside and doing what you’re paid for.
My Sexy Havit Speakers

This has been my personal strategy and I hope it works for you.

Thank God It’s Monday……..


  1. Well done Estelle... Thanks a bunch dear :)

  2. Thank you so much for these tips. As a student I hated Mondays. When I started working it was even worse and even now that I'm a mum it's now a simple case of same shit different day! (Excuse my French people)
    I am really gonna try the music thingy and wish I had the oriental brothers and Sir Warrior songs. Meanwhile I love them speakers. They are sexy. How I wish I could get a replica. Red is my favorite color by the way.
    Do have a beautiful week ahead my dear

  3. Thank God I don't have to deal with monday pressure and stress again. Feels good, tho I go for meetings on some mondays its not that bad tho.

  4. Okechuku Izeogu II10 June, 2013 12:11

    I used to be a well documented grump on Mondays at work....when I worked as the Projects Architect for a bank, I had to attend boring bank meetings on Mondays hence my irritability.

    Having left and now fully into architecture in real estate development, I can categorically state that I look forward to Mondays for the obvious reason that my discussions are focused on my core competence most of the time.

    I like your strategy and do most myself.

    Nice, inspiring write up. Keep it coming.


  5. the speakers look like tiny tits :p

    1. Only Chikezie will see tits in the mundane. Aparicus!

  6. All days except Sunday look the same...I be street hustler, so, I look forward to everyday..Skuri