Thursday, 31 March 2016

Dear Parents.......

When you were growing up, your parents didn't have house helps.
You and your siblings did the whole chores.
It was more tedious then, than now.
Waking up as early as 4:00 am to the farm, fetching the first set of water from the stream for drinking, getting the grass for the Animals, etc...
It was hard, but it shaped you to face challenges, made you industrious, and strong...

Here we are in the 21st Century?
We don't want our kids to go through some of pains and stress we went through Why exactly?
We are so quick to employ house helps.
Pay them and also abuse them for not completing a task.
We become slave masters to these house helps.
Forgetting that they are humans and that they are someone Else's child.
Just because we "Pay Them" Really?

Let's talk..
What exactly do your grown up kids do at home?
Eat , play, watch TV, play games, and sleep?
Basically that's what most kids do daily.
Its a routine. We employ House helps to do the cleaning, washing, cooking, errands, and all sorts. Only one person!!!!!!!
We then brag, I pay her/him.
How much? 20, 30,40 thousand naira?
"And what do your kids do exactly?"
We are raising a generation of intelligent but lazy,cocky and mannerless kids.

Yes that's the blunt fact. They do nothing but books.
They don't wash even their school uniforms, talk more of their clothes.
But you did as a kid back then.
You wore "wash and wear" to school, you ironed your clothes with charcoal iron, you washed your socks , you did your assignment, you went to the farm, you helped your mum in the cooking, you swept the house and compound, weeded unnecessary grass around your home.
And you were at top your class and was very brilliant.
You were very strong and agile.

So What's the point exactly in exempting our kids from chores?
Now it's even very easy.
They don't need to fetch water, there is water in the tap.
They don't need to scrub the floor with hard brush kneeling (you did that), there is mop buckets and sticks.
They don't need to wash hard and long, there is washing machine..
So what exactly do your kids do?
A Friend once wrote...
Pay your kids to do the house chores instead, than making them lazy.
Let them earn.

Can't you see the gross laziness?
Even morals and manners have gone to the wind?
My younger ones do house chores, they don't get paid.
They can mop the floor, wash their clothes and plates.
And guess what, they are very intelligent.
If you have the impression that house chores make them lose focus from their academics then I'm sorry you're wrong.
You succeeded back then, even under harsh conditions , why can't they?

Assign each of them, a particular chore.
Let them do it, encourage them, cheer them up.
Pay them, let them start earning, you ain't only teaching them, but imbibing a culture that would help them.
Let them understand what it means to work and get paid.

Relieve your nannies,train your kids.
Let's raise responsible and strong kids.

Emmanuel Iwuchukwu
(Guest Writer)

Emmanuel Iwuchukwu is a brand promoter,writer, blogger and an advocate of Justice.


  1. weldone, am sacking my maid today!

  2. We should let our house helper to be part of the family and treat them like ourselves.
    I learnt how to cook from our house helper and was encouraged to cook some food for the family given the house helper a break and sense belonging.
    Parents should encourage their kids to work or do domestic jobs for their families and always take house helper as one family, because he or she is someone's child like yours.
    For reasons I prefer calling them house helps not really maid, because it reduces morals and sometimes being bullied.

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