Thursday, 1 October 2015

What Is The Nigerian Dream?

Can You Articulate And Tell Me What You Think The Nigerian Dream Is Or Should Be Vis-à-Vis The American Dream?

Do We Even Have A Nigerian Dream? A Concept Or Goal That We Can Collectively Aspire Towards?

IF You Don't Know Please Share This Blog Post, Maybe The Next Person Would.

Happy 55th  Independence Nigeria.


  1. I'll say To be filthy rich I mean to hammer in our own words is the Nigerian Dream. That's the goal of most Nigerians through politics, music, acting, building religious centres as a clergy man, by doing legal biz, apian way, blood money or anyhow all Nigerians want to Hammer! That's the Nigerian Dream. If anyone doubt let's go to the street and take a survey unless there's another interpretation to what Nigerian Dream is then I rest my case.

  2. Spot on Timmon every Nigerian wants to hammer

  3. It's all about 'hammering'. Nothing more