Sunday, 22 March 2015

How Would You Sum Up The Presidential Debate?

So I sent out a BBM broadcast immediately the Presidential Debate started so everyone on my list would tune in, I made special reference to the fact that Buhari was conspicuously absent and you need to have seen the attack I got from his supporters, each rationalizing why he needn’t be there. 

For people who keep screaming CHANGE, I would have thought showing up for the debate would be a giant step towards the path of change?

That aside, other contestants have shared their thoughts on why they should be voted for and what they stand to achieve should they be voted in.   

What are your thoughts on the debate?  Who made the biggest impression on you and why? How would you sum up the Presidential Debate?

Here are pictures of the candidates and the parties they represent, Lets read your views. 

Goodluck Ebele Jonathan: People's Democractic Party (PDP)

Godson Mgbodile Ohaenyem: United Democratic Party (UDP)

Martin Onovo: National Conscience Party (NCP)

Chekwas Okorie : United Progressive Party (UPP)
Oluremi Sonaiya (KOWA)


  1. What do you expect from Buharist?

  2. I prefer Onovo,he is very sound and intelligent but Nigerians will prefer Pdp or Apc

  3. It's a shame that supposed informed, intelligent and politically aware people would, in this contemporary times, support such unpatriotic action. How can you be asking for my vote and you disrespect me by not giving me an opportunity to ask you how you intend to "change" my situation and condition for the better? If indeed you're really counting on my vote (and not some clandestine approach) to win the election, you should look beyond personal sentiments or reservations for your opponents and TELL ME WHAT THE HELL YOU MEAN BY CHANGE!

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