Sunday, 22 March 2015


Azuanughuka was a black naughty dog in my dad’s ancestral compound at the village, i always looked forward to seeing him because of his endless pranks and he didn’t disappoint me that fateful day. The old lady who owned him had just come back from Afia Amamba which was a mini market at Amamba square and Azuanughuka stole the dried Abasa fish she had earlier bought to prepare Ofo Abachi (A native Soup).

I can still hear her voice echoing all over the compound, asking the dog to return her fish which he readily dropped near my granny’s waste bin. In recent times, I have heard people say that all dogs go to heaven, probably because dogs aren’t expected to commit sins but i’m very sure that dogs who bark at people and chase them around unnecessarily without being provoked and the likes of Azuanughuka are just as guilty as some of us.

Have you ever wondered what happens when animals die? Where are their spirits channeled to? We have heard variations of what happens when humans die, what of animals? Do they just float around or go into oblivion?


  1. Animalas have souls too. But I believe that the actions and reactions of domesticated animals (pets) is directly related to how their owners treat and train them. So a good dog most probably has a good owner. The same judgement can be used to view a bad dog, a strong dog, a calm dog, a dog like Azuanughuka and so on...

  2. Animals are not known to have spirits. Unless you have been reading Ghanaian folklore of Ananse the spider. LOL

  3. I think when Animals die it's over there's nothing like going to heaven or going to hell. Animals don't have spirits or souls.