Monday, 30 September 2013

What's Your Patience Level?

Patience, like I know it is the ability to tolerate others’ excesses, quirks and all beyond one’s limit. The fact alone that we differ from the next person in many ways is enough reason to exercise patience and accepts these differences.

Yesterday I pointed out that I lacked my mum’s kind of patience, the type that requires me accepting b*ll sh*t with a smile like nothing happened, a handicap most of you would say but the question remains to what extent am I expected to swallow b*ll sh*t before reacting? What’s your patience level?

Recently I heard about a man who lives in Ikeja and was making elaborate plans to move to Lekki despite his wife's pleas with tangible reasons why they should stay put, dude insisted on moving , reason being that all his friends were living in Lekki  and he wants to be closer to them.  Let’s not forget the new status symbol that comes with living in a highbrow area like that.

Time don reach to pay rent and dude is asking wifey to bring half of the rent. In your most humane reasoning, how do you expect wifey to react?

Please I’m not aiming at a war of the sexes because either of the partners can act up at any time and it's not restricted to couples either, you have friends and acquaintances. To what extent do you tolerate BS?

A recap of my Dealing With Mondays ( Sounding like a broken record yet?)

Beautiful  Week Ahead…….


  1. Me neither..... You shouldn't keep up with whomever at my own expense!