Sunday, 22 September 2013

Re: Top Lies Women Tell Men?

I’ve always heard the phrase “women are predictable” , Most guys I know claim to have mastered our quirks, mannerisms et al and are quick to assume and  draw conclusions. According to Macverick Nduka, here’s a list of top lies women tell.

I Weigh This Much:
Most women are self conscious about their weight, whether it is warranted or not. Our society puts too much importance on weighing a certain amount or fitting into a certain size and women feel inadequate as a result. Therefore it is very common for women to lie about their weight knowing there is no way anyone can know the real truth. What they don't realize is that most men don't really care and if they did, would you really want to be with that man anyway?

I Have Had This Many Sexual Partners:
Women have been known to lie about having both more sexual partners if they haven't been with many, and about having less if they have a particularly long list. Women might especially lower their number if they find that their boyfriend has a much smaller number, so as to not seem like a slut and to spare him from embarrassment.

I'll Be Ready in a Minute:
I'll be ready in a minute almost always translates to at least 5 to 15 minutes. Women take longer to get ready than men because they have more to do, for example:
- Makeup
- Hair
- Complicated outfits
- Shoe choices
The sooner you realize that a "minute" isn't really a minute in this situation, you can stop fighting and relax while she finished getting ready.

That Sex Was Great:
Sex isn't always going to be great for the woman, and it isn't necessarily your fault. Women don't orgasm nearly as easily as men do, so if this happens they will probably just lie and say it was great to spare your feelings.

I'm Not Mad at You:
Many women will tell this lie simply to avoid a fight or after a fight has ended and they haven't yet had enough cool off time to stop hating you yet. You might want to give her some time and space if you think your woman is telling you this lie.

I've Got a Headache:
Let's face it, most men want sex more often than women do. If women kept turning men down every time they weren't in the mood, then men would start to get a complex. So every once in a while a woman might fake a headache to get out of sex when she just isn't in the mood. Women really do get headaches sometimes though guys, so don't always assume your girl is lying just because she says she has a headache!

This is Just What I Wanted:
If you give her a present she hates, most women will smile and say they love it. But isn't that more desirable than the truth? Who wants someone to open their present, say they hate it, and ask for a return receipt? What a way to ruin a birthday, anniversary or holiday!

I Don't Mind if You Look at Other Women:
Some women might say this just so they don't seem overly jealous and crazy, but it is almost always a lie. Women want you to have eyes for them only. So if your woman tells you this, don't fall for it. It's a trap!

I'm Fine:
This is probably the biggest and most common lie that women tell. A woman is clearly upset about something, yet when confronted about it, she proclaims that she is fine. This is usually a test to see of the man can tell that they are indeed not fine. God help you if you fail this test.

You're the Best I've Ever Had:
We already mentioned that many women will lie to men and tell them that the sex was great when it really wasn't, but some take it a step further: "You're the best I've ever had!"Unless you're the only one she's ever had, there's a good chance one of her exes was better. But would she tell you that? Heck no! Be thankful that she's complimenting you instead of critiquing your form.

I'm Focusing On My Career Right Now:
If a woman has ever told you that she can't go out with you because "she's too busy focusing on her career," she was probably lying through her teeth. The truth of the matter is this: she's just not interested in you.You can bet that if Mr. Right came along, she'd date him in a heartbeat. You just aren't Mr. Right.

Fake Phone Number:
Guess what, guys! Sometimes when a woman is getting hit on by a random guy in a bar, she isn't entirely truthful. If she has trouble saying no but really isn't into you at all, there's a good chance that she'll give you a fake number.You won't realize it until you get home, but by that point it's too late for her to have any consequences. Smart move, eh?

I Have a Boyfriend:
Even if she doesn't go so far as to give you a fake phone number, she may bust out this classic go-to move: "I have a boyfriend." Unless her boyfriend is clearly with her or she's wearing a ring, that boyfriend probably doesn't exist. She just wants you to scram.

It's Not You. It's Me.:
Finally, we come to another old favorite lie that women love to tell: "It's not you! It's me."Don't buy it. You are the problem and you know it.

How true is this?  Can a man really tell when a woman is lying? If yes, what strategy works for you?

NB: This list wont work with me though because i know the lies i tell, like 1, 3, 5 .......... #I Dey Come


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  2. All I can say is this post is very true cos am guilty of some lies on the list.

  3. Well... I try my best, some are just unavoidable.

  4. And sometimes we men make them lie to us.

  5. Women do indeed tell these lies. But I think the number one lie women tell is, 'I love you babe'.

    Yeah, right.

  6. I didn't see the "that's all the moni I have". When the bank account is swollen by good figures. Making us cough out cash for even popcorn or chocolate.

  7. Hmmmmmmmmm on point, almost all of them though.

  8. I'm Fine...
    Fake phone number...
    Sometimes: I've got a headache...
    ***Those are mine!!!!