Sunday, 22 September 2013

Butler Errands To The Rescue.......

  In the spirit of eradicating “Ekaeteism” and "Child Labour" , I bring to you  MY BUTLER ERRAND SERVICES. (Not Crunchy’s own o! )

As the name implies, they offer special errand services for targeted customers.

 In their words:

“In  today's busy world, people are having less time to do so many
 things on their "to-do-lists" and this affects their ability to meet
 deadlines at home or at work. This affects their relationships, jobs
 and earning power. Also, most times employees intentionally do not
 meet their targets or deadlines, which causes problems between them
 and their employees.
 Our goal is to identify these people and help them to achieve balance
 in their lives, between what they want to do and what they need to do.
 We will handle your "to-do-lists" so that you can focus on the
 important things in your, friends, work and
Click on MY BUTLERERRAND SERVICES  for further details or call :

Cheta on 08122351449 , 08025479656 or
 BBM: 2323F358.


  1. Boiboi don dey tushed up. Hahahaha cool move, everything should get a piece of the upliftment and E-lizing.

  2. Crunchy do us a favor & get us exactly the kind of services they would want to render... I won't be surprised if this tushed up boiboi reminds one that this particular errand is not in his job description!

    1. Ojay you for click on the link above but will repost their job description today.

    2. I did and it says you are up for Monday's delight. Now tell me: Were you served or you served the guys??