Tuesday, 20 August 2013

There's No Brand Lıke YOU

 It starts with discovery:

1. Who is Ndukwe Igwe Kalu?

Then demand:

2. Get me Ndukwe Igwe Kalu.

Then, the person becomes too successful to be easily accessible:

3. Get me someone like Ndukwe Igwe Kalu.

Lastly, a person’s legacy:

4. Who was Ndukwe Igwe Kalu?

Most people get stuck at No. 1. The best way to grow beyond it is with a strong personal brand. “People don’t take personal branding seriously. But if we do a focus group for a bottle of Zobo" or "Agege Bread" why wouldn’t we do it for ourselves?”

But it’s worth caring about, because if you don’t develop your own personal brand, others will do it for you.
Everyone has a personal brand, i.e., an image of themselves that others hold. Some people just take a more active role in shaping that image. Those that do are better positioned for success, I'm makıng a career out of my brand as "a Brand Strategıst, ı'm a Busıness not a Busıness Man (though ı admıt ı have a lot to learn" and ımprove on).

If you want people to invest in your company, work for your company, hire you for their company, support your efforts in any way, or even just use your product, you need credibility and a good reputation. For anyone striving to make a name for themselves and expand their network, personal branding can help.
I belıeve it starts with self-awareness. You have to understand how you’re perceived before you can communicate your strengths to the world. You can’t change who you are, but you need to be aware of your best qualities in order to promote them.

“You can only communicate your brand it if makes sense,” People need to understand you in the simplest possible terms, dont make yourself look Complıcated to understand, save them the stress, they only remember one thing about you, they aren’t interested in the whole package, they want that one sentence (about you)" so... What's ıt goıng to be? Wrıte ıt down, take your tıme, go through ıt over and over agaın and ıf you stıll have a Problem understandıng thıs whole topıc let me know and i will provide some feedback for You.

Ndukwe Igwe Kalu is a  Brand Consultant, you can reach him at:
geniusduke@justice.com with subject line: my Personal Brand