Monday, 22 July 2013

You'll Never Be Stranded On The Streets Of Lagos. #RideShare

You remember how you tend to get anxious about commuting within Lagos? Especially if you have no car or you car isn’t available and you have urgent errands to run. Also you try to make it as quick as possible to the BRT bus-stops to avoid the long queues? And when it rains, the commercial cars tend to disappear from the roads and you have hundreds of stranded commuters who aren’t even willing to pool together and get taxis.

Here’s a chance to use Rideshare to fix that problem, it is a door-to-door taxi service where passengers are often required to travel with other people in the same vehicle thereby occupying otherwise empty seats and sharing the cost of the ride. The service is mainly intended for people who have a regular commuting pattern e.g. Workers, Students.

Ridesharing can cut your commuting costs, minimize wear and tear on your car and make for a less stressful commute. Ridesharing also helps reduce traffic and parking congestion and promotes cleaner air by reducing car emissions.

According to surveys, most workers believe their commute is the most stressful part of their workday. It's no wonder when the average commuter spends twenty hours each week behind the wheel of a car, the equivalent of working two extra days per week. 

In contrast, Rideshare riders can relax, read the newspaper, work on their laptop, or just take a nap. There are fewer worries about traffic, vehicle reliability or getting to work on time.There are various Rideshare options so you can determine who you ride with.

The service will be launched in various Nigerian cities in the coming weeks. 

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  1. Abeg send my own share of the advertisement fee.

  2. Hmmmm! Not a bad idea at all. Lets see how Lagosians will embrace it.
    Lest i forget,what is the sharing formular for the advert fee?

    1. You know say you dey air, you'll tell me the coven you belong to so I can bring your share. Wink

    2. eeeehen! You will see me 40,000ft above sea level. Am sure you can get there. See you soon.

    3. Lol! Lemme fetch my broom

  3. Wow! Looking forward to when it will go beyond Lagos state

  4. Mass transit train is the solution for Lagosians in this 21st century.