Saturday, 13 July 2013

My Indian Rice Is Missing

A Friend dashed me this pack of Indian Rice 3 days ago and i was looking forward to eating it and purging seriously but as i'm talking to you, it's missing!!!!

As if i knew i took a picture of it immediately i got it.

Already cooked Indian Jeera Rice

Last time i saw it, My friend of life, Pholly was there, so she's my number one suspect and she's been cussing me out since i asked her.

You all should help me beg her to release my rice

NB: I'll post Pholly's picture if necessary.


  1. Estelle post Pholly's pix oh! Make we see her face, if it's the face of a rice stealer. If it's confirmed that she stole it, thank her for saving you from purging.

  2. I will send you egba rice as replacement. Lol

  3. Until I see Pholly's picture, I won't know how to respond to this announcement...I want to see her rice face...

  4. She's already threatening my life. She has a rice face indeed. Looking all Jeera

  5. I have a big bag of abakiliki rice, jst bring ur bowl and I'll gladly share.

  6. Instead of u to admit that old age has started worrying you because you forgot your rice where it was gvn to u .You dare pick ur pen and write that i stole your rice .
    The rice that would have sent you to the toilet several times . Put my picture and see what will happen .

  7. When the rice surfaces pls don't eat it alone oh

  8. I have my spoon ready for this rice o