Friday, 5 July 2013

Getting That “Brother” To Propose.....

I had a chat with a love fairy yesterday and it was quite enlightening, now I don’t know how you detect that brother who’s only comfortable in a mere relationship and doesn't want to take it further so i got some pointers. Though I do not agree with some of them but you can try comparing with your personal format wink.

Tell tale signs he's not going to propose:
  • He hates going to weddings with you
  • He’s not hard working
  • He doesn't want you to meet his friends and family
  •  He doesn't like talking about the future
  • He almost never talks about "the two of you"
  •  He still sees other women... sometimes behind your back
  • He doesn't care about your needs
  •  He wants to just "play house" for the rest of his life
Which of these rings a bell? How do you go about making him change his mind about you? That’s if you really think he’s the right guy for you

  • Make him see you as the only woman he can trust
  • Make him see you as his #1 fan - his pillar of support
  •  Make him love you more each day, even through bad times
  • Make him realize you value his dreams and goals
  • Make him fear that he might lose you to another guy
  •  Make him think about marriage, even if he's a playboy
  •  Make him more "husband-material"
  •  Make him think: "Wow, you'd be a great wife..."

NB: Personally I think all these are a bit too much because by the time you’re done with all these then your’e already playing house, what’s still there to wife?

What’s your take? You’re free to critique…….


  1. A guy that is not ready won't be ready until he's ready to be ready. Even if u become proverbs 31 woman. He won't see until he's ready. Just keep bn the good woman that u r meant to be. I believe the ring will come in His time.

    1. You took the words out of my mouth, God bless you

    2. Amen . God bless you too . Thank you

  2. Thank you Foluso! You took the words right outta my head...

  3. Lol@Love fairy? I wonder why you're so sceptical about love...personally I'm looking forward to that mushy crazy feeling...that's by the way...Folly don yarn am...guy no dey ready until e ready...however, you can stimulate or motivate or coerce or blackmail or force a guy into marriage...Skuri

  4. Even when he ıs ready,he has 2 put a rıng on ıt 1st! If you lıke bcome lıke hıs mother,he wıll only wıfe you wen he wants to,he doesnt even need 2 be ready

  5. Doing all this may make you appear desperate.

  6. My dear i was recently a victim..., he called me everyday for months, he took me to his house and i met his family, took me out and to different places, talked of how he misses me always, told other people i was d best, embarrassed me publicly with love and affectionate shows (even though he occasionally borrowed money from me), for months, till my Female Pastor asked me to ask him wat he wanted from me, he said, he's sorry to hurt me and he cant answer cos the answer will hurt me so bad.... he was youth president and won the youth of the year award in Church (frank ezomo)he is an obvious nutcase with a history of victims, my conclusion, is that some guys r just distractions from the pit of hell, before u go far at all, ask d question or make sure anyhow, cos everyman has his own agenda. And if he's dillydallyn, remove ur emotions and explore other options, right in his face. A real man knows what he wants and would NEVER let it go, stopping at nothing else.

  7. U jst said "make him ..." u didnt say how. anyway, Guys are unpredictable

  8. Hi. Interesting comments above. Here's my take:
    1. Ladies usually want to settle when they meet d right guy. Guys usually want to settle when they feel its d right time (attaining a minimum comfort level financially).
    2. Rather than expending all d effort showing him how u'd fit into his life, work on showing him what he'd be missing if he foolishly lets u slip between his fingers. Be bold n confident in who u r n wat u bring to d table.
    3. Men r basically still just boys, but wiv beards n stuff. No guy has all d answers. Don't think he knows it all.
    Of course there's no one right path guiding these things. Some guys r just plain being players. Let me run off before the stones hail down. Chuckles...

  9. Dats definitely playing house not marriage. Any man, you work hard to convince that your the one for him, ain't the man for you.