Sunday, 14 July 2013

Do You Think You Can Do Better When It Comes To Self Control? #BBACHASE

I’m not an avid follower of Big Brother Africa but once in a while, I get to watch a few clips when I visit friends. Sometimes I’m shocked at the level of indiscipline and carelessness of the housemates and other times, I’m indifferent.

Last night, the social media was on fire with everyone practically cussing Beverly, Nigeria’s female representative for getting hot and heavy with South Africa’s Angelo and in what Big brother himself called a voyeuristic hot bedroom action.

One thing I’m sure of is that Beverly will be sent home when she comes up for eviction, that’s how Nigerians punish their own and i’ve had to ask myself a pertinent question severally, which is:

I f I were a BBA housemate, how far can I go before unleashing the beast in me? Would I really be able to let go of my inhibitions and act like no one’s watching? Considering the housemates are made to live in a controlled environment and this has psychological implications.

Can you do better?


  1. "I cannot categorically say" lol

  2. That's a good question Chrunchy. I once was a fire spitting born again christian careless about other people's backgrounds, weaknesses and vulnerabilies until I got a close up with 1cor10:12. You see, it is easy to follow the crowd and be hypocrites(like Nigerian love to do) but when we are in the spot light can we do better? I don't watch BBA cos I don't wanna see rubish. I try not to put myself in a corruptible situation or an unnecessary spot light. It is best to flee from than fight an obvious weakness. I feel sorry for the victims of BBA cos they walk themselves into a long road of silly stigma. Hey, we may see all the money and cheer, but only you know the condition of your soul. Live right people. Judge none, be strong and live right.

  3. Two lines of thought that best represent my take are:

    1. If you have never been in a particular situation and experienced all that comes with it, don't judge the person who has. You never truly know what you will/won't do until you get to that bridge.
    2. Let him who is without sin cast the first stone.

    90 days is a long time to be cooped up in one spot and with the same set of people. I do not justify what Bev did but please let's all cut her some slack.

  4. Crunchy....when I get to River Niger, I will cross the bridge, until then, I'm an observer with a crowd hypocritical mentality....INDISCIPLINE and DISGRACE TO HER CULTURE AND TO THE GOOD PEOPLE OF


  5. Ofuneks got fingered by the eventual winner who got her drunk with vodka. So it ain't no big deal. Those dissing her are no better. The sexual escapades of Nigerians is one thing we can't discuss. Let her be. Meanwhile, I don't like BBA but I'd like another Big Brother Nigeria.