Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Does Early Fatherhood Ruin Or Improve Chances Of Success?

I tried severally to phrase the above question and this was what I came up with, let me explain the idea behind it.

Guys are known to be quite virile and adventurous once they hit 16years, and before the age of 25, its difficult to find a guy who hasn’t put a girl in the family way, especially when they are still in either secondary school or university. To a large extent, the usual damage control is abortion and this line of action is based on the fact that many guys see fatherhood as a threat, it means relinquishing freedom, it means having to think of someone else first before yourself, it means you have to stop being selfish. But the question is, is early fatherhood really a threat? Does it in any way blow your chances of a bright future? 

Some cultures encourage early marriage, for example, men in the south west marry as early as in their early 20s and by middle age, some of them already have teenaged kids and are still successful in their careers. Compare this with men from the south east who start considering marriage in their mid 30s.

What is the notion behind these different worldviews? Would you prefer having kids early who would act as motivation to work hard or would you prefer to work towards that imaginable future unencumbered? What do you think are the consequences of these different choices?


  1. There's a paradigm shift in the South West now based on economic and shoe string budget

  2. Depends on your Family structure..if they are supportive or affluent, it may not have any effect on your chances of success..if the reverse is the case, it will definitely slow you down, some people never recover till they die...Skuri

  3. It all depends. If the family is buoyant, then early fatherhood can be a welcome development if the boy finds a suitable mate. In that case he will become more responsible and would even "grow" with his kids! Nothing's to be compared with reasoning on the same frequency with ones children... I can attest to that!