Monday, 15 July 2013

Best Way To Know She’s Faking It

Studies show that the size of the vagina decreases by 30% as orgasm becomes imminent. So if she’s not tight when she’s peaking then she’s faking those “ ohs and ahs”.

Hmm…… I don’t know about you all but me I have a question:

Does this also cover those ladies whose “bermunda triangle” have lost alignment?

Someone please answer me o!


  1. Hmmmm.........i know a girl gets tighter when she orgasms. I've experienced it. I wonder what this fuse about "loosing alignment" but a woman who gave birth can still re-align her vagina and get it back to what it was through exercises. All it takes is perseverance.

  2. I've got three kids and without being immodest I can say that mine hasn't lost alignment and I didn't do any special excercise! Gods awesomeness is obvious in how solid the elasticity of the vagina is. Pity no one can attest to except married men whose wives are still tight after childbirth.