Sunday, 30 June 2013

NYC Gay Pride March 30-06-13

While majority of Africans have been dissing Obama's gay camapign, Americans have been prepping for the great Gay  Parade March which actually kicked off this morning.

Enjoy the pics:
Lady Gaga kicked it off with a rendition of a slightly altered  national anthem

Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals and Transgenders, all out for the Pride March on the streets of Fifth Avenue in Manhattan.


Chai! i want to believe these ones are just mere supporters. Abi?

Can you imagine this happening in Nigeria?


  1. Em... It won't happen "normally" in Nigeria, I guess.

  2. Chai!!!! Ekwensu gba aka oooo. May God forgive mankind because it is clearly stated in his word that this is forbidden. Why did HE create Adam and Eve instead of Adam & Steve? Why didn't he make it possible for men to conceive and give birth? There are things that are natural. This isn't one of them. 1 cor 6:9-10 and Levitucus 18:22 made God's view on this crystal clear

  3. this is the beginning of the fall of usa. sodom was not the first but because of Abraham it looked as if it was the first. the way of the amalekites shall be their way-destruction and Obama will be worse off. His achievements will be debased and ignored. Its time for an african rebirth

  4. I don't see it happening in Nigeria.

  5. Dis is purely soldom & gomorrah. D signs of d end of tym is clearly surfacing itsef. God did not create Adam & Adam but Adam & Eve. God said 2 Adam & Eve "go yee in2 d world,b fruitful & multiply". Its a command 4rm God 4 HIS creations. So, its absurd wat these peeps are doin