Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Lagos Commissioner Spends £90,000 On UEFA Tickets

I’ve been hearing “kepukepu” (rumours) how Commissioner Aremo Segun Oniru spent £90,000 on tickets for UEFA Champions Finals plus other sundry expenses. The Water Front and Infrastructure Development Boss we know loves life but prying through his private activities is an invasion of privacy o! Next thing now Lagosians will start screaming our taxes o! Don’t forget his family has other business concerns so It’s not your monies biko.

While you're all complaining, remember to go pay for your  Lagos State Bills:  Television License, Tenament Rates, Water Rate, Waste Disposal etc, una know the rest na…….. Eko Oni Baje o!


  1. Na so lucky igbinedion take deceive us for edo state, We think say na him papa money he dey spend. Na tax payers money period.

  2. No doubt he has other businesses but truthfully, is it really patrotic for someone in government to put such monies in foreign teams?

  3. As na only Anonymous gree comment for this one, I'm gonna just whistle and pass by...

    1. Lol Ojay dem dey dodge bullet, the man ain't smiling sef

  4. If na en money, no wahala. But if na public fund en use,make Lagos pple carry am go court

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