Monday, 3 June 2013

If You Were Nigeria's President.....

Everyday criticisms are rehashed about what the government isn't doing right and most times no solution is given. The objective of giving citizens the right to speech is for them to make constructive criticisms so that the government in its entirety can evaluate these feedbacks and pick what's necessary. Now, Assuming You were given the chance to be Nigeria's President for a year, what policies would you adopt? what would you take out from the constitution and what would you add?


  1. To start with I will fortify Education from the grassroots. The British PM's kids attend public schools. If they were not good enough, your guess is as good as mine. Next on line is the Health sector. It's disheartening to see our friends and loved ones end up with one handicap or the other or even die because of the mistakes and inadequacies of our health practitioners.I will also ensure that power becomes stable. If we have constant power supply, businesses would thrive and employment rate would soar...
    **If I am able to achieve just these three in one year, I will die a fulfilled woman

  2. Of course I haven't forgotten what the scripture says at Jeremiah 10:23...
    But even at that, there are things we can still do on our own. Things that are obtainable elsewhere here in Africa and on this planet earth as a whole

  3. Okechuku Izeogu II03 June, 2013 12:09

    If I were president for a year, considering the enormity of the task that is repairing the terminally ailing society bedeviled by corruption, I'd prosecute and deal decisively with known federal criminal cases whilst signing into law, policies that speedily deal with repeat and fresh offenders.

    My next port of call would be the Power and Education sectors. By contacting and providing an enabling environment for foreign investors in Power Generation and Distribution, I'd achieve an astronomical positive change in the status quo within a year. Education will require more accountable administration as opposed to more funding as funding is not a challenge.

    Clearly, One year will be too short to enjoy a total turn around.

  4. Although bearing in mind that the rulership of this world is in the hands of Satan and whomever do obeisance to him and he wishes, he gives it!( Luke 4:5,6; John 12:31; 14:30; 1 John 5:19; Revelation 12:9,12).If I were to be president (which I know even if given to me on a platter I will refuse). I will fix power problem and make sure that government personnel no longer send their wards to foreign schools or go abroad for medical treatment!

    1. On Point, Coxon. Hope to see more of you on here...

  5. In a year i must:
    1. fix electrical power
    2. road networks: Rail, mostly.
    3. put all nec. apparatus in place to fight corruption.
    4. put food on the tables of all Nigerians where ever they are in the world.