Monday, 24 June 2013

Banks Accused of Recruiting Based On Tribal Sentiments

  Diamond Bank
"We operate an open door policy which creates an enabling and work friendly environment for our staff. With the spirit of team work, 'can do' attitude, we have also been able to surpass the phrase 'the sky is just the beginning not the limit'. In Diamond Bank, there is a place for everyone, we are a versatile financial institution with the best equipped and skilled hands and have been able to exceed expectations in our ever challenging and dynamic economy.”

Alex Otti- Diamond Bank CEO

Zenith Bank
“Zenith is an organization for everyone. Staff comes from varied educational and cultural backgrounds bringing with them a wealth of experience and this encourages a continuous social learning from mixing and inter-cultural interaction.
We search for and employ fresh and innovative individuals whose qualities align with the Bank's core values of excellence”.
Godwin Emefiele- Zenith Bank CEO

I got the above from Diamond and Zenith Banks’ websites, which in summary are the ideals upon which these banks recruit  Nigerians from diverse cultures so I found it bemusing when someone made the below statements on  social media, and I’m wondering, who is telling the truth here?

Adeyinka Grandson wrote;
“Here in England, when it comes to job opportunities, you hear English people say: "English jobs for English people". In fact, it is a national policy that 90% of all jobs created in England be reserved first for English people.
But in Nigeria, there's a critical mass of Yoruba people doing practically nothing within Yorubaland while the Igbos, who are immigrants and often time refugees, living on Yoruba's wealth and resources take up Yoruba jobs in Yorubaland unfairly.
Take Zenith Bank for instance. A branch of Zenith Bank in Enugu employed 100% Igbo staff members. The same bank branch in Lagos has equal numbers of Yoruba and Igbo as staff members. Yoruba case is even worse off in banks like Diamond. This bank employed 100% Igbo staff members in all its branches in Igboland and also employed 80% of Igbo as staffs in all its branches in Yorubaland.
Gullible Yoruba youth would come on social media and make jaundice statement that Yoruba people are the most educated in Nigeria. If we are, how come the Igbos are denigrating our homeland? How come all the banks staffs in Igboland are Igbos but in Yorubaland shared equal jobs opportunities with us?
Even our political leaders are so disgruntled with the claim we are the most educated. If we are really, how come the Hausa/Fulani people want us to occupy the position of the APC chair while they take up the APC presidential candidate ticket?
I have pointed out here in time past that Igbo are the highest armed robbers in Yorubaland. They committed 99.9% of all kidnapping cases. Everyone is familiar with the fact that all adulterated drugs sold in Yorubaland are through the Igbos. Now I have pointed out the unfair nature of employment.
Wake up from your gullibility. There is nothing like one Nigeria. Help protect the interest of the Yorubaland.”

Could Adeyinka’s facts be right or did he get it all wrong considering he’s not even in the country? Are these banks sorely managed by Igbos? Are they objective in their selection processes? How many yorubas are even willing to be deployed to the east if need be? Is this a clear case of misdirected tribal sentiments?


  1. Plz can u gv me d page ir handle of dis idiot dat wrote dis stuff, d guy is realy a BIG FOOL,HOPELESS and I think imbecility runs in his blood,how can he insult d igbo race like dat,d yoruba people are educated no doubts but dey r very lazy, y don't dey go to the east and work,for his information Lagos doesn't belong to d yoruba'sn lagos is a convergence of different tribes no tribe lays claims to it, if he is so pissed, let him start a bank, all dese banks are owned by Ibo's what does he expect, FOOL.

    1. Heaven Knows you are a BIG FOOL, You are the IDIOT, Lagos has indegenes, You Just displayed Myopia and your Stupidity and how well you are Misinformed . We have roots, its(Lagos) commercially enabling because it was once the Capital of this country and of course has sea ports which inturn means Business opportunities. Go to igbo lands, You are simply Pests who fest on other tribes Fruits. You Speak of Yoruba's Being Lazy, we work hard and Believe in true and Legal success. Not being ritualists, cocaine pushers and Con Men. We stay in our Lands because its rich enough for us. Stay in yours and Die of Hunger. Beastly Animals.

  2. My friend go and get a job!

  3. The guy is obviously jobless and frustrated. Instead of him to prop himself up and seek a leaving, he is whipping up "mumu" sentiment. Kindly tell dat man dat while I worked in the east, two of my former bosses where not igbo's. One is Edo and the other a yoruba. This was in owerri. Also remember to tell him to go get a life

  4. Next to religion, tribalism is the next driving force that can spark social unrest. I have worked in Diamond Bank before. I worked there 5yrs b4 i left banking awhile ago. I can categorically state that the Adeyinka is a wanker and a liar without correct facts. In Aba Eziukwu road branch, the 1st branch Diamond ever opened when it started operations in 1991, it had a nos of yoruba staff and still does till date. Most of the branches in the East are populated by people of various ethnicity. After all, once has to pass through their recruitment test to be employed. It doesnt operate on "ima mmadu". Unless just to ensure you get a test invitation. but once invited, it is your intelligence that will start your journey. If you are not successful, you will not be employed. My bosses in various functions in Diamond have been Yoruba. People there include Tiwa Olugbenga, Abiodun Dada, Adekunle something, Derin Adeosun (maiden name) to name but a few that were in my own department. Yorubas are scattered everywhere in the bank and at various levels so that guy should do his research well and stop whipping up ethnic sentiments. And he should remember that Lagos is now as much a Yoruba land as Abuja is Hausa. The only reason there is not an equal nos of other tribes in Igbo land is due to the unequal dealing of Nigeria (amongst other factors) on Igbos, hampering levels of development in that region. Yes, i am of Igbo origin but i am practical, not sentimental. Get your facts right b4 spouting any misguided rhetoric

  5. Adeyinka Grandson is an infamous tribalist on facebook. He is the defination of everything Nigerians should not be. To him, Yoroubas are the best, the most marginalized and the most humble and kind people in Nigeria. He is not educated, he is simply schooled. His ignorance is of the Highest proportion, the money spent in sending him to school is a colossal waste, for even an oshodi Agbero is more reasonable than him. People like him who thrive on hate should be incarcerated and branded danegerous.

  6. My Ejima, Chikezie Emeruem just supplied facts and figures while this dude decided to rant in absentia. He is in the UK and yet he knows that his people are not employed in the East. Let him come home and write aptitude tests for starters then we can discuss this employment thingy with him!

  7. Afam B. C. Nnaji24 June, 2013 11:42

    This Adeyinka Godson is a confused clown and I have learnt not to take anything he says serious. He lives in UK and preaches hate against Igbos and claimed once that about 95%(?) of the crimes being committed in Lagos are by Igbos.

  8. I don't have time to respond to such poorly written pieces which smack of intellectual laziness and deep seated tribal jingoism. Such people don't see anything beyond their ethnic noses.

    Estelle, please give us more challenging issues to discuss.

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  10. Is this how Myopic people can be? Mr. Adeyinka, you are not informed at all, so i will forgive your ignorance.

  11. No time for an ignorant degenerated tribalistic fool, we live off yoruba wealth he said? Who makes the wealth in Lagos State? Without the igbo's can Lagos State thrive completely? Is it not through most of the igbo's taxes are generated? I'm sure he's a joker without an argument. Most of these banks are not even owned by the Igbo's. The guy just wants to be significantly relevant. Chikezie has said it all atleast I know he was once a staff of Diamond Bank.

  12. Hmmm....'Deep Breath'

  13. Too much attackers..I better remain anonymous before I'm the way I'm not Yoruba but I believe the Igbos are the most enterprising people in Nigeria...they venture into lands unknown and conquer businesses...I once carried out a research on the influx of Igbos in Lagos and I discovered that the most prosperous markets in Lagos is chiefly Igbo...Ladipo, Alaba Int'l, Trade Fair..they are almost over taking the Yorubas at Mushin and Idumota...It is therefore not surprising that they have large employees in these institutions...However, my only regret is that I would wish if the Igbos can put this energy into their States, by now Lagos won't be the hub of Commerce, it should be Onitsha or Aba


  14. "This comment has been removed by the author"

    That's the comment I want to see

  15. funny!
    A man living in England knows about employment in Lagos and the east?
    How many yorubas live in the east?and how many are unemployed? How many yorubas live in states not yoruba states?how many ibos live in yoruba states other than Lagos?How many yoruba's are currently employed in ministries in yoruba land!

    If he can answer these questions.then he is free to talk.
    He spoke about zenith n diamond? Did he talk about other banks?
    And private employment,shouldn't it be at d employer's discretion? Did he build d banks for them?
    In this generation,we should be talking about building and employing based on merit.he's talking based on tribe!
    How many yorubas have bin kidnapped by ibos?
    And since 2 men of yoruba origin were bombers in it also safe for us to conclude that Yorubas are the terrorists in England?
    What are you doing abroad.I hope you're not also treated as a leech.I hope u have a job.or are they also saying that you're living off them? Think before you talk.semi literate

  16. This is seriously disturbing. Can't believe in this age and time someone writing this kind of stuff. Religion and tribalism is something we should look to start to disregard. I schooled in the east under a dept headed by a yoruba, I served under a yoruba,and am currently under the employ of a yoruba yet am igbo. I noticed something though in my service year that yorubas actually don't like been posted away from there states(majority of them). I encountered a lot who schooled around sw states and served in sw states. Mayb that's the reason they aren't found in massive numbers elswhere apart from the s/w. Adeyinka or whatever his name is should try write stuffs to address such instead of sending us back to the '40s or '50s.. Kai


  17. That guy should be brought home and given a mere test to write. i bet he will fail. maybe he is in the UK thanks to his daddy's funding, i bet it will be a waste of resources for his dad by now.
    i wondered why i even dropped this note. he has succeeded in wasting my time.

    mr. UK monkey, get some orientation and be grounded next time before you post hateful scrappy unedited write-ups.

    besides yorubas are lazy, just a few cope with challenges, banking is more about marketing, product development and business analysis all in a bid to get customers and retain them. these are what the igbos specialize on, so they do it well. we are not talking about charms and juju here. get some brains off your stomach and replace them with the intestines in ur head.