Saturday, 18 May 2013

War In Disguise?

For years Nigerians have been worried about the threat of Boko Haram and their incessant destruction of lives and properties in the north and government was considered too weak to take proper action. For some reason, The President has now deemed it fit to deploy our armed forces to Yobe, Borno and Adamawa States and we believe it will make a world of difference. To the best of my knowledge, this is the first Nigerian air strike on Nigerian soil and the insurgents on their part equally means business bearing in mind they’ve already hit a military aircraft in Borno State and Nigerians are a bit uneasy by these turn of events, Is this a war in disguise? What’s your take on the current situation? What are your expectations? Support Our Armed Forces If Saka Can Do It,Then You Can!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. I don't think the war is in disguise. Its full blown war. We just don't realise it yet. Its the same way Genocide happened btw the years of 1967 and 70 and we lost 3 million Ibo's but people were busy with their lives in Lagos. Drinking beer, throwing street parties with aso-ebi, and going to church to 'pray' for 'disturbance' in the east to end. Meanwhile UN was dropping. Food and. Drugs by air to miLllions of starving kids in the east, the rest of the country especially lagos was worried about the scarcity of Canned tomato puree for their jollof rice.
    If we don't learn from our history, we are bound to repeat the mistakes of our past.

  2. We are really at war. This is no kids play. I hope the government was fully prepared to curtail these faceless murderers, who if left unchalenged,has the capacity to topple any government. How i wish those whose hands are involved with these evil jihadist children get killed, so that they can go to hell,not heaven,since their intention is to kill innocent people and die in the process. ALL hands should be involved in making sure that these blood hungry children of evil and sinners of depraved mentality get back enough of what they planned for their fellow human beings. Sincerely speaking, they have no agenda, socially,politicaly,and economically,as their sole mission is to destroy lives and property,and also comit suiside. All those Nigerians who are linked with Boko haram should be arrested and dealt with,so that we dont run the risk of entertaining pockets or cells of their likes within the country. Mass movement and relocation of searched residents,women and children,who are confirmed as not dangerous should be quarantined and camped in desinated areas within distances from the three states involved in the emergency rule, and guided by soldiers too.Their movements should be restricted. The help of international troops should be sought early enough,so that a much more sophisticated surveillance warfare,characteristics of gorila warfare must be adopted,so that we dont stand the chance of encountering loses from counter attacks,due to diminshing fire power.Finally all the countries sharing boarders whth Nigeria must close their boarders.