Saturday, 18 May 2013

Meggie And Angels Just Got To Town

Ever wondered why there’s a world of difference between Akpors and a typical smart kid on the street? It’s not about being privileged, more like having parents with hindsight, parents who make the most of their child’s formative years by creating an enabling environment at home as a base for their pre-school years and reinforcement when they are enrolled. I remember the kind of exposure some of my mates had while growing up; Children’s Variety Shows, Televised Debates, Drama Clubs etc, I never had the opportunity and it’s no puzzle why I’m a certified “Akpors”. In recent times, child psychologists have devised means of triggering the imaginative powers of children by studying their behavior patterns and identifying hobbies and lines of interest and this is what Meggie& Angels puts into consideration when designing for your kids. Now to cut the long story short, Meggie& Angels is an interior design outfit that decorates bedrooms for babies-teens, they also cover school playrooms, crèches,hospitals churches, eateries,retail malls and even outdoor spaces. Children’s parties and rentals aren’t left out. Look at these pics and let me know what you think, meanwhile here's their details: @meggieandangels FB: meggieandangels +234-803 885 5913 +234- 1-2957094


  1. Good concept.

    We work while you relax, enjoy and work.

    Meggie and Angels

  2. oh nice, beautiful for smart kids.........just love the bedrooms

  3. With this kinda pictures, Estelle, no make me go get belle o!
    Beautiful creativity!

  4. @Biola abeg make the belly come.

    Call Meggie and Angels people. Do not miss out on this opportunity.