Thursday, 30 May 2013

Remembering Biafra Declaration Day

Once in a while i try to share the thoughts of other writers and give you a feel of areas that ordinarily i may not cover, so today i'm sharing Chinedu Akuta's write up, do share your views after reading. Folks, on this day (30th May 1967), 46 years ago, Biafra was declared, in response to the pogrom, killings and genocide against Igbos in Northern and Western Nigeria. Biafran Republic was declared to provide Igbos, with security and safety of their lives and properties. Nigerian government then, in collaboration with imperialistic British government and other foreign powers, declared war on Igbos. At the end of which, over 2 million of us (Igbos) paid the supreme sacrifice. Till date, Igbos all over Nigeria are still being hunted down and killed, at the slightest excuses, or killed for no reasons or no faults of theirs. Igbos have become endangered species. Please, as you read this message, kindly pause and observe a two minutes silence, for our fallen heroes and heroines, they laid down their lives, that we might have ours today. This day (30th May) deserves to be remembered by all Igbos worldwide. For on the average, every family in Biafra lost, at least one person to the war. To this end, my appreciation goes to Igbo Canadian Community Association that planned their 2013 Biafran war memorial day on Saturday 1st June 2013. Other Igbo communities globally should follow suit. Elsewhere around the world, people remember wars and reflect on it. Igbos cannot be an exception, hence Biafran war is worth remembering, on this day of its declaration. It should be an occasion for soul searching amongst the Igbos, especially a time to bury all hatchets, differences, egos etc and begin to unite. For Igbos to progress as a group, their unity is non-negotiable. Permit me to also thank Igbo Forum UK (This group is made up of delegates of several Igbo Unions in UK, Ireland, and Europe), part of their mission is to unite Igbos. May God bless us. C.V.Akuta


  1. Like I indicated in the write up, we cannot forget our history/past, when that very past is still part of the reason why the present is not working.I have watched the Jews/Russians,British, etc remember fallen heroes and heroines,ours cannot be an exception. I have since observed my 2 minutes silence and prayed that God should accept them.They laid down their lives that, we might have ours today.

  2. Okechuku Izeogu II30 May, 2013 15:31

    Concise write up...thanks for the effort. The ultimate sacrifice made shouldn't and neither be overlooked nor ignored.

    Having stated these, unity of the Igbos is their primary responsibility as disunity perceived by any other tribe or group of Nigerians or the International community will be seen as a weakness on the part of the Igbos as shown recently with the power tussles amongst them which led to heroes(of blessed memory)like Zik and Ojukwu being disrespected verbally and by actions of some Igbo sons for political relevance borne out of selfishness.

    Unity from within will beget unity on the outside thereby creating a strong hold and making a strong case for dates such as the 30th of May to be immortalized to pay the respects due.

    These are my humble opinions.

    Thanks for sharing your work with me.