Friday, 31 May 2013

Grooming Young Nigerians For Golf

The game of Golf has always been considered an elitist activity and out of the reach of many, but for those families who can afford it and who are able to interest their children in taking up the sport, it can worthwhile, this is the case of Taremo Youdeowei, a teenage star who stunned a field of over 120 players to lift the overall amateur prize after he carded 69 one under par at the 1st Olu of Warri Golf Championship held at the Shell club, Ogunnu, near Warri, Delta State. The event was in commemoration of the 26th coronation anniversary of the Olu of Warri, Ogiame Atuwatse II. Young Taremo Youdeowei at play. When you encourage your children to golf, you’re introducing them to a sport they may be able to play for the rest of their lives and at the same time you’re introducing a new generation of young people to a sport that is almost non existent in Nigeria. I wonder what it would feel like to have a Nigerian in the next couple of years being on the same level with the likes of Tiger Woods and other Greats, the step begins right now. If you feel it’s a waste of valuable resources, you may consider it an investment for greater things to come, you never can tell.


  1. I can't wait for my son to start playing golf, my dad played to scratch. I love golf. Congrats young man

  2. Everywhere in the world golf is an expensive pastime to pursue.
    Just imagine what young Nigerians and indeed all Africans go through trying to play soccer (the most popular sport) let alone golf... Soccer players struggle to buy original boots and kit that start from N5,000 let alone a standard set of golf clubs that cost anything from N500,000 upwards. Club membership? Don't get me started! Memberships start from an average of N1 million upwards per annum.
    It has to be private sector driven; from facilities to youth & collegiate development to stand any chance of success.

  3. Didn't know it was that expensive, i bet no one has ever addressed this issue so it would be easy to get people in the mainstream involved.

  4. Its a lost battle golf is not for everybody

  5. Taremo Youdeowei31 August, 2013 19:59

    Some may say its expensive some may say its not for everybody but its one of the coolest sports on earth. Its helps you mentally, physically, psycologically and more. To be honest, golf isn't such an expensive sport. Membership isn't 1 million per annun and a standard set can be gotten for less than N500,000. That's just trying to blind people from the sport. I have travelled all over this country just to play golf and I tell you "it is fun". Imagine me for instanse, my aim in golf is to become Nigeria's youngest golf professional and to play in the PGA tour one day. That's how to start and I'm going places already.