Saturday, 23 May 2015

Do Men Really Suffer Domestic Violence In Nigeria?

When ever we hear or read about domestic violence, the mental image we see is a woman cowering in a corner while being abused or pummeled by a man. Often times we hear men insisting a woman isn't the sole victim in domestic violence, that a lot of men are abused mentally and physically in their homes. How true is this assertion? What's the scenario like? Because i sure can't picture one.

A social experiment was carried out in London by Disturb Reality which was aimed at gauging public reactions towards violence towards each gender. I still can't picture this happening in Nigeria, can you?

Click On Disturb Reality To Watch The Experiment.

I was quite astonished when the man's experiment played out, why do you think people reacted differently as against the woman's own?

What's your take?


  1. Basically women are seen as the weaker sex so it always gives them an edge over the man. Really and truly men are equally sensitive yes most men do a great job hiding it, but truth is men also suffer domestic violence too.

  2. My dear it swings both ways, a friends colleague was recently locked up in the bathroom by his wife for one full week and not allowed to go to work because she found a very friendly text message on his phone, we only knew about that one because it had to do with work, this is a guy that earns over N1m monthly