Friday, 20 March 2015

Meet The CEO of Follicles Lounge, Abuja’s Female Barber

One of the most dramatic and unexpected consequence of women in the workplace is the rising profile of women in male dominated fields. Albinitio, we’ve all been familiar with the concept of occupational minority where women are a numerical rarity in some fields but today thanks to the dearth of jobs, women have begun to think outside the box, looking for ways to make a living beyond the obvious channels.
      Today’s guest in my inspiration piece is a lady who has dared to tread a path that few women may be too shy to try. Enjoy our chat. 
      Please introduce yourself : I am Ojay Gwueke AJAIFIA 
      What’s your educational background?  Bsc Accounting & TEFL certified

    What exactly do you do?   I am the chief barber at The Follicles Lounge,I own & manage the outfit.

   What made you choose this field considering you’re a woman? I just wanted a business I could be part of, not just buying and selling!

Follicles Lounge

Training Days

Was it difficult breaking into the field? Not really

      Do you have any formal training? Yes, I understudied barbers who have spent years in the field for a specified period of time.

Have you had cases where guys refused your services because of your gender? Severally
          How did you handle the rejection?  For some, i convinced them to give me a try and for the adamant ones, i  ask my barbers to attend to them.

Apart from your gender, are there other qualities that make you stand out as a barber? My skill  and my complimentary 15mins head massage stands me out. I’ve had most of my clients relax after the massage that they slept off. I have clients who come in three times a week after work just for the massage. Again our loyalty card is an incentive.
Has being a woman gotten you more customers or is it the other way round? I would say that curiosity has brought me clients.

Apart from barbing, are there other services you render in your outfit? Yes. We do Manicure, Pedicure , Facial treatment & Head Massage to ease tension
.  Are you married? Kids? Yes and I’ve got 3 kids

 How does your spouse feel about your profession? He is my number 1 fan. Very supportive
      Would you encourage your daughter to join you if she shows interest? Definitely
           Do you envision more women joining your field in the future? Oh yes. I even have plans to train more ladies on the job
 What advice do you have for young women who may wish to join you in future? Follow your passion, be at it and it will pay off.
    What’s  been your most embarrassing moment since you started your journey? The day there was power outage while I was attending to a client and I didn’t realize I had run out fuel in my generator! (But being the gentle man that he is, my client accepted a cup of coffee while waiting for the generator to be fueled)

Want to support this super woman? Visit Follicles Lounge at:
Suite A7, Kuriftu Plaza, Plot 519 Oluawotesu Street. Behind Mr Biggs Opposite Police Pension Office, Jabi, Abuja

To watch her video, Click Here.


  1. Honestly, I haven't met Ojay, but I didn't realize she's a "barber.."
    Kudos to you girl and keep it up!

    1. Thanks Victor and by God's grace you shall get a complimentary hair cut when we meet

  2. This is pretty great! God bless your hustle!

  3. You should do a interview with the sundry female Keke riders everywhere. Quite an inspiration.

  4. You should do a interview with the sundry female Keke riders everywhere. Quite an inspiration.

  5. Nice are going far

  6. Nice are going far

  7. Ojay......It's Ter..a How many cuts do I still have in my loyalty card to get a free cut? She's actually good at it, don't take my words.... A trial will convince y'all!

    1. Lol... Funny enough I know who this particular anonymous is!
      Ceejay You have to patronize me five times, Dear Son to get a free service...

  8. Wow, this is so cool! Mz Ojay, do you do female haircuts too?
    Kudos ma'am and keep it up! #StrongWomenRock

    1. Thanks bunches ZinZin... As long as you have hair that needs grooming you are my client - Men, Women & Kids!

  9. That's pretty awesome. I admire your entrepreneurial spirit and will visit at the end of this month. Chop knuckle joor!

    1. Will be delighted to have you here....
      #See Knuckle :D

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