Sunday, 16 March 2014

Crunchy's SuruLere

 I bet you've seen a lot of Surulere picmixes flying around? For those who dont understand, Suru-Lere is a yoruba word which means "patience pays".

whatever circumstance you find yourself in at any given time be sure that you'll  metamorphose to that place you've always dreamt of or even better.

I've seen a lot of versions but I thought of starting from the very beginning where my journey started.I've come a long way,  from an ugly looking tadpole to a CrunchyApple and it can only get better.

 Tomorrow is Monday..........#HopeIJustSpoiltYourMood


  1. I still insist you like the taste of "it"!

  2. Madame Crunchy we need read ur own SURULERE

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