Friday, 14 February 2014

Do You Think Valentine Is Overrated?

Love is in the air, a potpourri of feelings, emotions and adrenaline rush. 14th February is a day lovers single out from the rest of the year to acknowledge and reaffirm their commitment to one another. Its also a day to know where you fall in, are you the boo or will get booed today?

Lovers and lovers to-be have been known to go the extra mile to prove their feelings, its also a day to perfect your artful dodging skills so the question remains, if you have a significant other, how far would you go to make 14th February count? Should a special day be reserved for expressions of love and affection? If you’re a certified player, what’s the perfect excuse to keep that side chic/guy at bay?

Lastly, Do you think Valentine is overrated?


  1. no, just the time to show the foolishness call love that we love to love our lovers, to me love should not be seasonal! i should be loved season in season out.....

    and it should not be hard for me to tell you "i love you"....yes i love you!

  2. its a marketing gimmick.......i no send am laye laye

  3. If you are going to wait for just one day in a whole year to show me love and make me feel special then dont bother!

  4. The level of immorality and silly expenses connected to this day is even sickening...