Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Bieber Caught At A "Short-Time" Spot

Justin Bieber Sneaking out of Brothel Covered in Bedsheets
19 years old Justin Bieber was spotted over the weekend leaving a popular brothel in Brazil on Friday. Bieber was on tour in Brazil during the sexcapade. He and a friend reportedly spent three hours in a popular Rio de Janeiro brothel called Centaurus.
  Cenauros Brothel  

He’s seen getting into the back seat of his car while two women from Centaurus left in another car headed towards his hotel. Finishing Touches?

Meanwhile guys, What's the appropriate age for a guy to visit such places?


  1. This is news cos d guy is Bieber, the young famous musician.

    Maybe it's wrong, but we live in a different society. Wizkid is just 4 years older than Bieber, and he already has a kid.

    He's 19, and i want to believe that makes him an 'adult'.

  2. Depends on where and how you grew up...I realize that children from the lower class visit brothels as early as 14 years...but there's really no age limit, it's based on personality or 'liver'

  3. Guys over to you...
    By the way 19, 29, 39 or 99 is there any age that makes it right??