Thursday, 24 October 2013

[Pictures Of The Day] Obama, Did You Bug My Phone???????????

The German Chancellor, Angela Merkel is demanding for immediate and comprehensive answers from President Obama  why American spies have been eavesdropping on her mobile phone as alleged by the German media.

He's been  reassuring Europeans over the extent of US secret surveillance programmes, insisting that his spies were not “rifling” through their e-mails. He defended the sweeps of global phone and internet data by saying that he had come to office “committed to protecting the American people but also intends respecting the privacy of their allies.

Did he answer the question? And should we be worried about Aso Rock?


  1. Wetin concern goat with aquarium? Abegi!

  2. The story was getting sweeter and sweeter, then you mentioned Aso Rock...ordinary yahoo boy can tap Aso Rock, how much more USA...did you read about the story of one UNIBEN student that used Oshiomole's phone to text the VC...

  3. Aso rock ko, Aso Mountain ni!