Monday, 21 October 2013

Giving Credit When It's Due

I’ve always been one of the people who never saw anything good about the Nigerian Police. You know what they say about not judging or condemning anyone until you’ve been in their shoes or privy to what rocks their boat? I looked at them from a whole new angle recently and that's how my song about the Police changed “a bit”.

My close friend lost her brand new official car to someone who was supposed to be her staff, this was barely 2 weeks after her company assigned the car to her so you can imagine how devastated she was. For me, the circumstance surrounding the theft was surreal, almost like I was watching a movie and to top it up, I was suddenly denied my “scrub” position in the car, and that’s how our frequent trips to the police stations started, from Panti  CID to Bariga Police station which was the nearest station to the location of the theft.
First time I entered the station, I couldn’t believe my eyes, not only was it unkept, it lacked all the paraphernalia you’d expect to see in a crime investigative facility, not one single electronic gadget was in sight except an ancient radio pelting out local music. Statements taken from complainants were all written in a thick cover notebook with the aid of a pen and wooden ruler. In this our jet age?!

It was so bad i had to summon  courage to ask one of the officers why the station was in such deplorable condition and why they couldn’t boast of one single computer to at least document investigations and conduct some level of research. The response I got was of course what we’ve all heard before, “the government isn’t providing these prerequisites”.

And in all these, the Nigerian Police has been applauded for their success rate at solving car theft incidences, even cars without any form of security and tracking devices. How were they able to achieve these in the face of lack? Maybe it’s time to give credit where it’s due without dwelling so much on their negative aspects.

As for my friend’s car, ofcourse it was recovered in Suleja, Niger State, quite a distance from Lagos where it was stolen. Insert is a picture of the car thief in stripped shirt with his accomplice who are at the moment awaiting trial in Kirikiri maximum prison.

When next you see a police officer on your way, be kind enough to greet them properly, maybe that’s all the incentive they need to work harder.


  1. Nice piece young Lady..

  2. Yeeeh! They found our car,kudos to nigeria police

  3. Hmmmmmm!!! Thank God your friend was lucky to retrieve her own car. There are several other unresolved cases.So we cannot give a blanket commendation to the Force.

  4. Exactly, as much as i am happy for your friend, there have been numerous instances where the victim has ended up being harassed by police. or even when u r asked for ridiculous amounts to work your case.

    i know of a lady who faced so much sexual harassment via gsm calls that finally when convinced to report, asking of police to aid her in getting the identities of the callers, she had to pay 5k for police report so mtn/etisalat/airtel could release the infor. and still nothing was done. luckily, we then got the ids (don't ask us how), told police and we were asked to bring 50k for their arrest. as we no gree pay, they reduced to 10k or we should stop wasting their time. Can u beat that?

    Anyway, we have since sorted out the perverts, no thanks to police

    On another note, i met the sexiest naija police woman ever at coker/town planning junction (ilupeju) in May 2013. She was so fine that all male drivers (me too) waited willingly when she stopped us, complimenting her beauty/figure (she made the uniform even figure hugging n sexy)...her fellow officer with her said he would ask for her transfer from there to avoid accidents or other stories that touch.....Is she still there, any one? I no longer dey Lagos so can't say.....a black beauty with firm butt and tits.......Kai, she can arrest me anyday

  5. yeah! they got ur friends car, hapi for her, but nothing can change the way i see that institution called the Nigeria Police Force.

    You can say the Government is not investing so much in them, that is true, but will you also blame the govt for the hundreds of innocent souls that have been killed unjustly by these Men In Black? Is it the govt that will wash their uniforms for them? etc.

    I can go on and on to give cases where these animals in human skin have brought tears and sorrows into many families.

    I rest my case.

  6. My dear writer,going through your write-up 1 can easily notice that you are an accomplice and has taken your "roger".You should desist in tarnishing the image of the federal republic of Nigeria.The Nigerian Police which has the best and greatest war planes & helicopters(to say the least) in the whole of Africa is the force you openly disgraced of not having a single electronic gadget.Anyway,medias are free for people to open up their rotten mouth to say whatever that comes across their brain.Mind you Nigerians have lived and are still living in other parts of African,Europe,Americas,Asia, Middle east, australia and the USA.But our police in their comparative norm are far below real not due to lack of resources but owing to competence, capacity building,culture and track record.If i may ask"where does the annual budget of billions of naira allocated to the Nigerian police goes.Please Nigerians are not imbeciles for your information.Be warned.

    1. U be olokpa? this kain morning warning...odikwa egwu.

  7. This anonymous guy dey para o...e be like say na upside down you read am...anyway, me sef I anonymous

  8. After reading this and the anonymous comments I'm suddenly confused! !!