Thursday, 17 October 2013

ASUU And Federal Government Strikes A Deal

ASUU strike is obviously coming to an end going by the agreement between the Federal Government and ASUU. Here's what's been agreed on:

1. Government has agreed to commit  N200 billion in the 2014 budget on the universities as well as on each of the next three-four years until the universities are brought to world-class standard.

2. In addition to the N100 billion dedicated and already made available for 2013.

3. Government increases first installment to N40 billion, funds for the payment of earned allowances to the striking lecturers, an improvement from the N30 billion previously released.

4.On earned allowances,“Government will top it up with further releases once universities are through with the disbursement of this new figure of N40 million, so Vice-Chancellors are urged to expedite this disbursement within the shortest possible time using guiding templates that have been sent by the CVC.

5. ASUU was mandated to submit a blue print for revitalizing the Universities to the Vice President.

6. Universities will now be allowed to determine their priorities and not be “rail-roaded” into implementing a pre-determined set of projects with respect to the NEEDS assessment. Decisions are not to be centralized.

According to Professor Aluko, this development followed meetings on September 19 and Oct 11 of representatives of the Association of Vice-Chancellors of Nigerian Universities, led by CVC Chairman, Prof. Hamisu of ATBU and ASUU Representatives led by its President, Dr. N. Fagge with the Vice-President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Arc. Namadi. Sambo, Minister of Education Barr. N. Wike and others.

Of great interest to stakeholders, Vice-President Sambo, appealing to ASUU to call off the strike, apologized for the “take-it-or-leave-it”; comments credited to the Minister of Finance, Dr. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala at the onset of the strike.  The Minister did not seem to have been involved in either meeting, perhaps as the government’s way of soothing the feelings of the university teachers.

Source: New Issues


  1. Great. So now we can move forward unto better things hoping they implement this one and not siphon it using abandoned project as tunnel...God help us.

  2. How long will this truce last? This is not the first time.

  3. It is well.....This ASUU thing should just come to an end.

  4. Good one jo! But them lecturers no sabi do them job well sef. Na the students go suffer. The students na mumu sef. Dem no get one voice. How u go dey pay money, and tertiary institutions na glorified secondary school? If na free we understand. Na dem supposed go strike sef no be asuu!!!!! (Imagine students refusing to go to classes, ASUU and FG go beg dem wella, but them don politicize NANS!!!)

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  6. and here comes the return of runs girls and their silly dps

    Calabra reloading.....Bayelsa trekking....Abuja on point


    1. Alhaji's party loading, chief's thanksgiving on point! Lol. Independent marketing back on the street

  7. It's a step in the right direction, but i would love to see the implementation.
    The agreement is with ASUU, but don't forget that state universities and their lecturers, will likely not benefit from the 'largesse'. Just as it has always been in the case of any agreement btw the FG and NLC.
    There is so much decay in our education sector. With the attitude of some parents, lecturers and students, you can't help, but wonder if there is any hope for education in this country. So, it's more than just committing a lot of money into the sector, but our attitude needs to change.
    It’s more than ‘may God help us’, it is ‘Heaven helps those who help themselves’. Are we ready to live our comfort zone to make any sacrifice? hmmmm!
    Education is supposed 2b a right, but In Nigeria, it's an opportunity.

  8. The fight between the lizard and the cockroach can only be settled by God...the cockroach knows its been destined to be eaten by the lizard, but it too must try to keep the lizard as hungry as much as it can...#siddon look tins*