Saturday, 26 October 2013

Are You Comfortable Being A Shareholder?

Yersterday I was minding my business jeje and a male friend sent this picture to me, I was really surprised that he would send this to me. Of course I understood the message being passed across but I wondered  if I was supposed to apply it to him. All I could tell him after reading was “ok, I’ll keep it in mind” to which he said “Good”.

Now let’s weigh this piece of message on a general scale:

1. No Guy is single.
2. You either snatch him from someone or share him with someone.  
3. The most important thing is to be the highest shareholder.

Question for the Men:

A. Is statement 1 true?
B. Do you believe there’s room for overtaking even when you’re already in a relationship?

Note: Answer the above questions objectively bearing in mind that your sister may find herself in this situation tomorrow.

Question for the Ladies:

A. Based on your experiences, is statement 1 true?
B. Have you ever tried or would you ever consent to statement 2?
C. Would you ever be comfortable knowing there’s  a woman by the side even if you’re the major shareholder?

Question for both Sexes:
1.   Do you think this message is condescending to the womenfolk or it’s just plain reality?

Floor’s Open……….


  1. This is a case of "when someone shows you who they are, believe it". For the sender, this is obviously his reality and as such he imagines it is for everyone. Me I shall not quarrel with generalised statements like dis, cos they are never true in all circumstances. So, knowing that, I generally ignore these well meaning advice & keep stepping. Wen I was single I told pple I wanted a man who was faithful & not attached to another woman. I was told I was daydreaming. But I held on to my 'standard' and got what I believed I deserved.

  2. Na women get questions...but frankly, men are sometimes truly single..'single" is however relative....

  3. One man's relationships is another man's single so like Skuri talk, its relative.

    But occasionally, u do find men that are single but then the women they want r in relationships so they either tap on d side (chop n clean mouth) or they wait hoping she breaks up with him (patient bingo).

    As for me, i always tell babes when i am in a relationship so continuous flirting will only get u sex from me, not more.....good thing my babe no dey read dis blog :p

  4. Sole ownership biko. I didnt snatch no one's man so shareholders not accepted