Sunday, 6 October 2013

And They Said You Can Never Find True Love On Facebook?

I met this couple on facebook over a year ago. ofcourse not as a couple but as different individuals in different relationships and believe me i watched the drama unfold and take shape.

In a digital era where people are cynical and particular about where you should or shouldn't meet a future spouse, this couple have dared to prove the cynics wrong, read their story below:

Amaka Linda Onunaku & Anyi Justine Ibe

How We Met
"Hmm!!! We actually met in a closed group on facebook called No Holds Barred. We saw each other for the first time when the group organized a 2-days outing in Enugu. It was really funny as he was so speechless when he saw me, I knew he wanted to say something to me but he couldn't. We became very good friends that there was no night we didn't speak to each other before going to bed. Anyways, Its been an exciting Journey so far. We have had our Ups and downs in the relationship and we still get better each day." 
They've signed up for " My Big Nigerian Wedding Contest " which is a competition for engaged couples wishing to get married in 2014. The winning couple stands the chance to have their wedding reception sponsored to the tune of N15Million.

The wedding will be organized by reputable wedding vendors known as the ‘Dream Team’ and would take place in Lagos, Nigeria.

Why They Think You Should Vote For Them:
"This competition means the world to us. Our relationship is a fairytale romance which other young couples can learn from. We've been through the waves and tides, yet we came out stronger. We've stood the test of time and we've triumphed. We deserve to win this competition so we can show the world that true love still exists and can be found in the most unexpected places. Its not about material love but true and genuine love that transcends time. We are one unbreakable block of concrete"

Lets Help Make Their Dream Come True, Vote Couple 311


  1. I go begin find oo

  2. Good, my friend also meet his wife on facebook. I don't see anything in there

  3. Wow!! This is Very nice and Inspiring cos personally I don't believe in online relationship because of scary stories I've heard and read about online dating. Pls how do I get the link to vote for this couple.

    1. Chika thats the link below the story.

  4. Because I am involved in the whole story, I can aver for the authenticity of it. I am lending my support to this most interesting couple.

  5. Me too!!!!! They are for real. And they need our votes. Vofed already.

  6. Bia Crunchy, me wan marry next yr so make u register me for the competition too naaaa

    1. i doubt if you can still meet up for next year, maybe you should wait for 2015 or better still check the site for details

    2. Crunchy what d'ya mean my Ejima can't meet up for next year? Stop being a pessimist and register him osiso... Simply pick the most boobylicious (An Obiamaka) from his harem of chics

    3. By the way, the link is broken... might try again later

  7. Inspiring for sure no made me take my fears and throw them I am living my dream because of you...Best couple..God bless you

  8. i add back my ex-classmate all etc.

    they are no different than random person i add ,

    i feel that in online world nobody will talk to me ,

    in facebook nobody will chat or start conversation with me , always i talk first and alot of people i found they approve but dont reply me ,

    i feel than in real life i get more attention ,

    i feel so lonely and fed up , people more uglier than me but got gf already ,

    i feel that in real life is the only way to know girl , but i don t kn ow how to start conversation with stranger ............

    people say is dangerous know online , but the truth is they say the same thing for stranger...............