Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Woman Forcefully Attains A Higher Level Of Grace With 46 Year Old Pastor

Ok we’ve heard so many phrases when it comes to sexcapades of supposed Men of God; remember ‘enter’? ‘a higher level of grace’ and now ‘spiritual bath’. I remember the day I watched the ‘enter’ video where an alleged Man of God drilled a woman on a bench with his annoyingly skinny ‘dangling modifier’. She was asked to close her eyes and chant ‘enter’ repeatedly; What I don’t know is if she was aware that there were 2 other guys there watching and taping the whole episode and the man of God who unbelievably directed the video guy on the angles to capture it properly. At that point, I wondered about the level of desperation that makes women descend that low.

Bet you’ve read how a female member of Glory Church of Christ Aladura,  Oke-Itoku , Abeokuta, Ogun State was forcefully raped by the presiding pastor of the church? If you’ve not, then  here’s how it went down.
"Pastor  Olamide Sobowale was arraigned before a Magistrate Court sitting in Isabo, Abeokuta, yesterday, for  raping Dupe Makinde, 30, who lives in Isaje, Abeokuta, while taking a spiritual bath  allegedly  recommended by the pastor.
The prosecuting counsel, Paul Etusi, told the court that the accused grabbed the complainant while she was in a bathroom within the church premises and raped her.
Etusi said the complainant had already put the soap on her face as she began bathing when the pastor suddenly entered the bathroom, grabbed and  raped her with soap on her face.
According to Etusi, the accused had told Mrs. Makinde that he had a vision about the her and asked her to come for deliverance in his church.
He said: “He asked the woman to come to the church to take a spiritual bath for her deliverance,  but, while the complainant was taking her bath, the accused barged into the  bathroom, grabbed the woman and  raped her. 
“The accused  has committed an offence contrary to section 357 and punishable under section 358 of criminal code of law of Ogun State, Nigeria, 2006.”

Ok, I don’t have any problem with punishing the said pastor, but what of people who knowingly put themselves in a compromising situation? Shouldn’t they be held responsible as well? Besides, do people really believe the concept of spiritual bath?  Or have people twisted the biblical Neman’s story to suit their personal purposes?

If your wife or sister was asked to come take a spiritual bath at the church that will help you get that N1 billion contract, what would you do? Ask her to go or sit her ass down?


  1. He who knows and knows not that he knows is a fool. Avoid him.

  2. God forbid that one has a problem that renders one completely vulnerable, increasingly desperate and without a doubt dumb!

  3. I am still trying to come to terms with the way people treat and see their pastors like demi- gods!